Substance Use Assessment

At CSDC, a substance use assessment is scheduled for a minimum of three sessions. The purpose of an assessment is to determine how a student’s substance use impacts his/her ability to function in school and in work, as well as the impact of substance use on his/her relationships with others. Additional addictive behaviors and co-occurring mental health concerns are also assessed.

During the final appointment, feedback and recommendations are provided to assist the student in meeting his/her personal and academic goals and the level of care needed to address these recommendations is identified (i.e., counseling at CSDC, outpatient counseling at a community agency, intensive outpatient treatment, day treatment, or hospitalization).

Students can request to complete a substance use assessment or they may be referred by a faculty or staff member, or a NIU department (e.g., Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct, Housing & Dining, Athletic Department, etc.). Students interested in scheduling a substance use assessment must first attend a walk-in appointment at the CSDC.

NOTE: CSDC does not complete substance use assessments that are required by court systems, nor do we provide drug or risk education. If you need court-ordered services or contact information for substance use treatment, contact our office or use the Substance Abuse Treatment Locator sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.