Counseling Services



Students needing assistance with personal concerns or crisis situations can walk-in for a consultation appointment with a CSDC counselor. 

Individual counseling

If individual counseling at CSDC is recommended, the student will discuss the goals and length of counseling with her/his assigned counselor. Counseling at CSDC is based on a short-term model. 

Group Counseling

Students whose personal concerns can best be addressed in group counseling are scheduled for an initial appointment with a group facilitator (or co-facilitators). The CSDC offers a variety of groups to meet student needs. CSDC Groups for Spring 2015


The CSDC offers assessments for eating disorder and/or body image, substance use, and anger intervention issues.

Crisis Services

During office hours, a CSDC staff member is available to assist with emergencies and/or crisis situations. Students are encouraged to come into the CSDC for a walk-in appointment or call 815-753-1206.