Counseling Services

Anger Intervention

The purpose of this service is to assist students to better understand the situation(s) in which they find themselves expressing their anger inappropriately and to learn other ways of coping with anger. Students requesting this service must specifically state when they call or come in that they would like to schedule an anger intervention. Students can self-refer for this service or they can be referred by a CSDC staff member. Students may also be referred by another NIU department such as the Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct, Housing & Dining, or the Department of Public Safety.

The anger intervention consists of two appointments. During the first appointment, the counselor will review with the student the situation(s) which brought the student to CSDC and will provide education regarding anger, based on the individual and the situation in which he/she was involved. The student will be given information to read before his/her second appointment, after which time the intervention will be completed.

When the anger intervention is the result of a referral from a department outside of CSDC, the student will be asked to sign a release of information with the referring department. Within three days of the student completing this process, the referring department will receive written confirmation that the student has completed the anger intervention.