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Macadelic Tour with Mac Miller

September 15, 2012

Get ready, The MACADELIC TOUR featuring Mac Miller is stopping at the NIU Convocation Center on Saturday, September 15th. Mac Miller is on tour with support from opening acts Travis Porter and YG.  The show will start at 8:00pm and doors open at 7:00pm.

Tickets for the Macadelic Tour featuring Mac Miller are SOLD OUT.

Mac Miller - Malcolm “Mac Miller” McCormick is an independent success story from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Catching the eyes and ears of Rostrum Records, Mac Miller inked a deal in July 2010. A multitalented musician who can play numerous instruments and a young novice of the freestyle/cipher/battle circuit of his hometown, Mac has been paving his way to superstardom in his blue-collar hometown for years.

Mac Miller’s debut album, ‘Blue Slide Park’ debuted at #1 on Billboard in November 2011. ‘Blue Slide Park’ was the first independently released album to hit number one in the last 17 years.  On March 23rd, 2012 Mac Miller released his seventh mixtape, ‘Macadelic’. The first single, ‘Loud’ debuted at #53 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, his highest single to date. Mac Miller also won the 2012 MTV Woodie Award for ‘Artist of the Year’ and ‘Best Live Performance.’

Travis Porter - The trio originally formed in 2006 as the Hard Hitters they officially switched to Travis Porter in 2008. MCs Ali (Lakeem Mattox), Quez (Donquez Woods), and Strap (Harold Duncan) grew up together in Decatur, Georgia, and formed the band with the hopes of taking over the rap world from the underground up. After establishing a strong internet presence, four mix tapes were released ‘Who is Travis Porter?’, ‘I’m a Differenter’, I’m a ‘Differenter 2’, and Streets R’Us, in 2009. The group’s debut album ‘From Day 1’ finally arrived in 2012 on RCA.

YG – Signed to Def Jam, YG’s music revolves around the day-to-day travails of the average teenager. Indeed, he attributes his heavy popularity to his ability to relate to the normal person. “My music is about my everyday life," he said. "That’s why I think so many young people like it — they can relate. It’s what they and their friends are going through every day — shopping, looking for girls, getting in and out of trouble.” 

“Toot it and Boot It,” has remained the number 1 song in Los Angeles for months at radio and is getting airplay across the nation. YG is currently touring all over to promote his single and additional projects.