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10 Year Anniversary Logo Contest

September 21, 2012

DeKalb- The 10 Year Anniversary Logo contest was a huge success for the NIU Convocation Center. We are happy to introduce our new logo created by Nicole Newton of Rochelle. Nicole is a graduate of University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Graduating with a Communication Arts and Graphic design last May, Nicole currently works for the Rochelle Chamber of Commerce and free-lances on the side.

When asked how did you come up with the logo, Nicole said, “I researched previous NIU logo designs. I wanted the logo to be consistent with previous NIU logos, such as the color and the imagery. I wanted to make the logo bold and original as well, including different typefaces and textures.”

Nicole believes “the Convocation Center is a fun and energetic place that brings hundreds to thousands of people together to enjoy a variety of entertainment. The Convo Center is a great aspect to NIU, as well as the DeKalb Area.”

As a logo, Nicole states “I wanted my design to replicate the same dynamism and importance as the center itself. Not only do I want my logo to represent the building, but be an icon that NIU students/ Alumni/ and employees can associate with.”

Our new 10 Year Anniversary logo will be licensed and displayed throughout the year in various Convocation Center marketing campaigns.