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Graduate-level dietetic interns provide one-on-one consultations and nutrition education for all campus recreation nutrition and nutrition-related programs.  Interns are under the supervision of a registered dietitian and the Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness.  Dietetic interns complete 944 hours of internship experience in food service, clinical, and community practice.  Campus Recreation provides 60 hours towards the completion of each intern's community site rotation.  Upon completion of the total internship experience, interns are eligible to sit for the Registered Dietetics examination.

Introducing our Spring 2014 Interns:


Alicia Huggler

Northern Illinois University 

2/17 - 3/7


Annie Weber

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

4/14 - 5/2


Calvin Min Hua Leong

Johnson & Wales

3/17 - 4/4



Hannah Tower

Concordia College Morehead

1/27 - 2/14


Marie Norris

University of Wisconsin Madison

1/21 - 2/7



Sarita Aguirre

University of Minnesota

2/10 - 2/28


Veronica Skaradzinski

Illinois State University

3/31 - 4/18

Martha O'GormanMartha O'Gorman, Registered Dietitian

Martha is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist with a M.S. from the University of Iowa.  Martha has been a Nutrition Counselor specializing in weight management and eating disorders for the past eight years, and she has 15+ years experience as an instructor in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Administration.  In addition to her weight management and eating disorder specialization, Martha helps clients with nutrition issues related to cardiovascular health, diabetes, nutrition as a preventative medicine, sports nutrition, and healthy cooking.  Martha has worked with Campus Recreation since 1999.