Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Campus Recreation strives to be a national leader in the recreation industry and an integral component of the campus community by providing excellence in recreation, diverse opportunities, and student learning. 


In alliance with the educational mission of Northern Illinois University (NIU) and the Division of Student Affairs, Campus Recreation engages students in achieving lifelong appreciation for pursuing healthy lifestyles by providing comprehensive programs, employment, and leadership development opportunities.


Campus Recreation has defined these values as important guiding principles to fulfill its vision and mission:

Reputation for Excellence

  • We strive for excellence through dedicated leadership towards the progression of industry standards and the global advancement of the profession.
  • We strive to be leaders in the field of recreation by setting a positive example to the campus community.

Collaborative Partnerships Focused on Student Learning

  • We believe in building collaborative relationships with community partners that provide stimulating opportunities for engaging students in learning and developing leadership and critical thinking skills through self discovery, experiential education, and team building.

Student/Patron-Centered Service

  • We focus on participant needs by responding with quality programs and services. 

Establishing an Inclusive Community

  • We recognize and appreciate diverse cultures, experiences, and traditions that contribute to the mission of NIU.
  • We strive to provide comprehensive programs that encourage everyone to engage in pursuing healthy lifestyles.


  • We are committed to teaching others that ethics, respect for others, and appreciation of differences are integral components of recreation.


  • We acknowledge that accountability and professionalism are essential components of an effective team.
  • We understand the inherent risks involved in sport, exercise, and play, and actively pursue a safe and well-maintained environment.

Developmental and Dynamic

  • We provide a variety of activities for exploration, learning, and attainment of personal goals to enhance individual growth.
  • Valuing an ever-changing world, we are invested in adapting as the University and society change.

Department Program Goals 

  • Provide a learning environment to engage individuals in educational and healthy lifestyle pursuits.
  • Encourage individual improvement of health, wellness, and personal growth.
  • Provide a customer-centered environment that is welcoming, responsive, and inclusive.
  • Provide an aesthetically-pleasing, safe, and comfortable environment conducive to recreation.
  • Provide appropriate space, equipment, and supervision to support patron recreational needs.
  • Promote and support staff development (student, part-time, and full-time).
  • Be good stewards of resources by maximizing programs and services, streamlining operations, and seeking appropriate revenue generation and resource opportunities.