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Supplemental Instruction



Grant Towers South,Lower Level
PH:  753-1087

Tutoring Center
West Hall Room B 004
PH:  753-2825 

Tutoring Center
Room 302
PH:  753-8105 

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer tutoring program designed to enhance student performance and academic achievement in historically difficult courses.

The goals of SI are:

  • To improve the academic performance of participating students in the course
  • To enhance and improve reading comprehension, analytical thinking and problem solving skills for students
  • To significantly reduce the withdrawal rate of students in high risk courses
  • To increase the overall persistence rate of students both in terms of future semesters and toward graduation

SI Leaders attend the targeted course with their students and, in sessions outside the class meetings, they conduct activities designed to promote group and individual learning strategies and study skills as well as work on course goals. SI leaders take on the role of "model student" and assist students by demonstrating and discussing appropriate actions and strategies for academic success. The sessions provide students with opportunities to practice skills, as well as engage in-group discussions and activities that help them better understand course concepts and master course objectives.

In MATH 108 and 109, students who utilize SI on a regular basis perform at a level of 1/2 to a full letter grade better than students who do not attend. In short, SI works!

Check below to see what courses include SI this semester (watch this site for SI session schedules this Fall):

MATH Courses

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Chemistry Courses

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Accountancy Courses

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