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Writing and Study Skills Resources

Websites to Support Your Studying 

If you can't find anything here to help you with your specific study need, just Google your topic.  There are thousands of websites out there to help you.  Just be careful about the ones that ask you for money.  There are plenty of free ones that are probably just as helpful.


Study Guides

Cuesta College offers learning skill guides.

College Learning Strategies

Dartmouth College suggests strategies for effective learning.

Content Specific Strategies

How to Study.org is a directory of resources for college study in specific content areas.

Guide for Studying History

This site discusses how to read and prepare for your history class.


Master Weekly Schedule Form

Use this form to plan and track activities for your week--24 hours a day.

Managing Your Time

Dartmouth College's time management tips includes a video.

Time Management Tips

 A series of tips to be more effective with your time. 


Tips For Learning A Foreign Language

Check this site to discover unique strategies for learning a foreign language.

Studying A Foreign Language

UIC's Academic Center presents study tips for foreign language students.

ESL Students Study

UIC's Academic Center has study ideas for international students.

ESL Study Guide

Purdue University provides tips for ESL students.


Math Resources

This site links to the Top 20 list of math websites.

Understanding Mathematics

The University of Utah provides a study guide for studying and understanding mathematics.

Study Hints for Chemistry

This site provides suggestions on how to study more effectively for chemistry courses

Exam Tips for Chemistry Exams

 This site provides lots of ideas for studying chemistry


The NIU Writing Center On-Line

The N.I.U. Writing Center should be your first choice in writing support from on or off campus!

The Writing Process

Purdue University's writing site is an extensive guide for all types of writing.

The Grammar Request Line

This interactive site allows you to ask quick grammar questions.

Research Note taking

University of Toronto link will help with taking notes from research reading.


MLA Style Guide

The MLA Style Format can be found at this Purdue University site.

APA Style Guide

APA Style Guide can be found at this Purdue University site.

Chicago Style Guide

Chicago Style Format is found at this Purdue University site.

Turabian Style Guide

This link refers to the Turabian format.