Faculty involved in the LGBT Studies Program

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Director
(LGBT & Women's Studies Programs)

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program Coordinator
(LGBT & Women's Studies Programs)

LGBT Studies Executive Committee, 2013-2014

Eric Archer, Counseling, Adult & Higher Education
Molly Holmes, LGBT & Women's Resource Centers (ex officio)
Amy Levin, English
Jimmie Manning, Communication (Committee Chair)
Kristen Myers, Women’s Studies Program and Department of Sociology (Coordinator)
Anne Petty-Johnson, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences External Programming
Robert Ridinger, University Libraries
Charles Schuman, Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (ex officio)

LGBT Studies Faculty Associates

Faculty Associates are faculty members from throughout the university who are engaged in research, teaching or other scholarly activities related to LGBT Studies.  Click here for a complete listing of Faculty Associates' research interests.

Eric Archer, Counseling, Adult & Higher Education
Elvia Arriola, College of Law
Scott Balcerzak, English
Wendy Bostwick, Public Health
Randy Caspersen, Communication
Sarah C. (Sally) Conklin, Public Health and Health Education
Cassandra Crawford, Sociology
Trude Jacobsen, History; Center for Southeast Asian Studies; NGOLD
Amy Levin, English
Jimmie Manning, Communication
Robin D. Moremen, Sociology
Kristen Myers, Women's Studies and Sociology
Brad Peters, English
Jane Rheineck, Counseling, Adult, and Higher Education
Robert Ridinger, University Libraries and Anthropology
Mark S. Rosenbaum, Marketing
Brad Sagarin, Psychology
Craig Seymour, Journalism
Diana L. Swanson, Women’s Studies and English
Sharon Sytsma, Philosophy
Toni Tollerud, Counseling, Adult, and Higher Education
Carol Walther, Sociology
Corrine Wickens, Literacy Education
Nancy Wingfield, History

LGBT Research Associates

Joshua G. Adair, Assistant Professor of English & Philosophy, Murray State University

Affiliates of LGBT Studies

Affiliates of LGBT Studies are faculty, staff, former Faculty Associates and community members who are supporters of the LGBT Studies Program but not currently directly involved in research or teaching.

Patricia Liberty Baczek, LGBT Resource Center
Karen Carrier, Literacy Education (Emerita)
Sue Doederlein, Assoc. Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Norden Gilbert, University Counsel, Legal Services (Retired)
Deborah Haliczer, Director, Human Resources-Employee Relations
Murali Krishnamurthi, Director, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
Julia Lamb, Outreach Coordinator, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Carolyn Law, Dissertation Advisor, Graduate School
Judy Ledgerwood, Professor, Anthropology
Colette Maher, Advisor, CHANCE Program
Jeanne Meyer, Director, Community Standards & Student Conduct
Anne Petty-Johnson, Director, Liberal Arts & Sciences External Programming
Elizabeth Prescott, Building Services
Charles Schumann, Information Technology Services
Lois Self, Communication (Emerita)
Lynne Thomas, Curator, Rare Books & Special Collections, University Libraries
Sophia Varcados, Media Services
Patrick Voisine, Information Technology Services
Sue Willis, Department of Physics (Emerita)