Faculty Associates' Research Interests

Eric Archer(darcher@niu.edu)
Associate Professor in Counseling, Adult, and Higher Education
Dr. Archer's research interests includes the experience of intercollegiate athletes and the role of social media and student experiences.
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Elvia Arriola(earriola@niu.edu)
Professor in the College of Law
Her publications range widely on the subjects that deal with civil rights, feminist and queer legal theory, gender and human rights and globalization of the economy. She owes her most recent research and scholarship interests to the influence of the "LatCrit" scholarly movement begun in 1995-96. Arriola is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty associate,and Executive Director of an education nonprofit, Women on the Border, dedicated to advancing awareness of the impact of free trade law and policy on women and families who work for American companies at the U.S.-Mexico border known as "maquiladoras."
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Scott Balcerzak(sbalcerzak@niu.edu)
Assistant Professor in English (Film & Media Studies)
Scott Balcerzak’s research and teaching interests include film and literature, feminist and queer theory, sexuality and popular culture, gender and performance, the history of sexuality, and digital studies. He is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty affiliate.
Scott Balcerzak
Lisa Baumgartner (lbaumgartner@niu.edu)
Associate Professor in Counseling, Adult, and Higher Education
Her research and teaching interests include adult learning and development. Prof. Baumgartner is particularly interested in identity development and learning as it relates to people living with HIV/AIDS.
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Sinclair Bell (sinclair.bell@niu.edu)
Associate Professor in Art History (Ancient)
His research interests are broadly concerned with ancient Etruscan and Roman material culture and art, especially their social history, Renaissance reception and contemporary theorization. He is teaching a course on "Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Art" in Fall 2009, and hopes to offer a course on "Women in Antiquity" in the near future. Dr. Bell is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty associate.
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Wendy Bostwick(wbostwick@niu.edu)
Assistant Professor in Public Health (Nursing)
Dr. Bostwick's research interests include sexual orientation and health; bisexuality; mental health and substance use among sexual minority women; health effects of stigma and discrimination. She is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty associate.
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Randy Caspersen(rcaspersen@niu.edu)
Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication
His research and teaching interests include media studies.
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Sally Conklin (sconklin@niu.edu)
Coordinator of the Public Health and Health Education Programs
Associate Professor in the School of Allied Health Professions
Her research interests include advocacy for comprehensive sexuality education, youth asset development, and professional sexuality education of clergy, teachers, and counselors. Her teaching interest is the sexuality education course, AHPH 411. Beginning in the fall of 2008, the course will have the same name but new numbers: PHHE 406 and PHHE 506. In addition to being Co-Coordinator for the LGBT Studies Program, she also represents the College of Health and Human Sciences on the newly formed university Committee on Multicultural Curriculum Transformation (CMCT).
Sally Conklin
Casandra Crawford(ccrawford@niu.edu)
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Dr. Crawford’s research lies at the intersection of: 1) the sociology of health and illness, 2) science, technology and medicine studies, 3) and the sociology of the body. Specifically, her areas of research interest include: the modernization of dismemberment and prosthetic technological innovation; historical (psychological and medical) and contemporary (biomedical) constructions of Phantom Limb; qualitative research methods; contemporary social theories of embodiment; and gender/masculinity/feminist studies. She is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty associate.
Cassandra Crawford
Trude Jacobsen (tjacobsen1@niu.edu)
Associate Professor, History and Center for Southeast Asian Studies; Assistant Director, NGOLD
Dr. Jacobsen's current research focuses on the historical and cultural explanations for the prevalence of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking within the countries of and across the porous borders of mainland Southeast Asia, namely those between southern Vietnam and Cambodia and between Burma and Thailand. She also focuse on processes of justice and reconciliation in non-western contexts, historical anthropology, mental health in colonial contexts in Asia, and the role that material culture plays in constructing or reconstructing
Trude Jacobsen
Amy Levin (alevin@niu.edu)
Chair and Professor of English
Her research focuses on literature by women as well as race, class, and gender in museums. She has taught classes in women's literature, Women's Studies, Museum Studies, nineteenth-century British literature, and African-American literature. Dr. Levin is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty associate.
Amy Levin
Jimmie Manning(jman@niu.edu)
Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication
Professor Manning uses qualitative research methods to explore meaning-making in and about relationships. This research spans interpersonal, mediated, organizational, and political communication to understand how individuals, couples, families, organizations, and other cultural institutions attempt to define, reward, control, limit, or otherwise negotiate relationships. He explores these ideas through three distinct contexts: relational discourses (such as those about sexuality, gender, love, rituals, legitimacy, and expectations); organizational culture and workplace interaction; and digitally-mediated communication contexts (such as social media).
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Robin Moremen (rmoremen@niu.edu)
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Sociology
She has a particular interest in including and honoring the lived experiences of individuals who are LGBT. Prof. Moremen’s research and teaching interests include long-term care, organizational decision-making, professionalization, AIDS research, multi-cultural education, women’s friendships and health, women’s spirituality, and gender discrimination after death. Dr. Moremen is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty associate.
Robin Moremen
Kristen Myers (kmyers@niu.edu)
Director of Women's Studies and LGBT Studies
Professor in the Department of Sociology
Prof. Myers’ research and teaching interests include studying the intersections of privileges and disadvantages. Her research has addressed the following issues: the ways that Black and white women work to overcome racism; the ways that people talk about race in private; the ways that positionality affects qualitative research; the ways that gay and lesbian police officers negotiate gender expectations at work; negotiations of femininity among female troops, how to teach inequality, and pre-adolescent girls "doing gender."
Kristen Myers
Brad Peters(bpeters@niu.edu)
Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of English
His research and teaching interests include Writing Across the Curriculum; Writing Program Administration; History of Rhetoric; and Medieval English mystics
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Jane Rheineck (jrheineck@niu.edu)
Assistant Professor in Counseling, Adult & Higher Education
Dr. Rheineck has been with Northern Illinois University since 2007. She has taught a wide spectrum of courses including Gender Issues in Counseling and Counseling Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Individuals. Dr. Rheineck's research and publications have focused on lesbian's career development, the implications of counseling lesbian and gay individuals and working with youth at risk. Dr. Rheineck's current research includes; Gender identity and expression in lesbians as well as career transition for women at midlife.
Jane Rheineck
Robert Ridinger (rridinger@niu.edu)
Electronic Resources Information Manager of the University Libraries
His research interests include the retrieval of local gay and lesbian history, the growth and development of the leather/levi subculture, and research into the uses of language made as part of the movement. Ridinger is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty affiliate.
Rob Ridinger
Mark Rosenbaum (mrosenbaum@niu.edu)
Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing
His research interests include consumer behavior in service settings, social marketing, health-related marketing, and LGBTIQ consumer behavior. He currently teaches Principles of Marketing and Introduction to Marketing to undergraduate and Executive MBA students. He spends a great deal of time working with Marie Stopes International, a U.K.-based not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting women's reproductive health issues and HIV/AIDS awareness in developing countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, India, and Yemen.
Mark Rosenbaum
Brad Sagarin (bsagarin@niu.edu)
Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology
His research interests include attitude change; resistance to persuasion; deception, jealousy, and infidelity; evolutionary psychology; human sexuality; statistical approaches to missing data and non-compliance.
Brad Sagarin
Craig Seymour(cseymour1@niu.edu)
Associate Professor in the Department of Communication (Journalism)
Check back for more information about Dr. Seymour's research.
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Diana L. Swanson (dswanson@niu.edu)
Associate Professor in Women’s Studies and English 
Prof. Swanson’s research and teaching interests include lesbian and gay writers, feminist theory, history of sexuality and gender, modern British novel, Virginia Woolf, ecofeminism.
Diana Swanson
Sharon Sytsma (ssytsma@niu.edu)
Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy
Her research interests include Ethical Theory, Kantian Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Applied Ethics, Intersexuality, and the Philosophy of Sex and Gender. Dr. Sytsma is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty associate.
Sharon Sytsma
Toni Tollerud (tollerud@niu.edu)
Professor in Counseling, Adult and Higher Education and Director of Training for the Center on Child Welfare and Education.
Prof. Tollerud’s research and teaching interests include counseling LGBT people, LGBT youth, spirituality issues, supervision, and retirement issues for LGBT's. She has just finished writing a chapter for a social justice textbook on counseling LGBT persons.
Toni Tollerud
Carol Walther (cwalther@niu.edu)
Assistant Professor in Sociology.
Prof. Walther’s research focuses on social inequalities in various forms. She specifically examines the influence of the state upon how gay and lesbian people interact with governmental forms. She is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty associate.
Carol Walther
Corrine Wickens(cwickens@niu.edu
Assistant Professor in the Department of Literacy Education
Dr. Wickens teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in secondary content area literacy instruction. Her research interests examine the intersections of sexuality and schooling, adolescent literacy, and young adult education. She is also a NIU Women's Studies faculty associate.
Corrine Wickens
Nancy Wingfield (nmw@niu.edu)
Professor in the Department of History
Her research and teaching interests include Modern Europe (Habsburg Central Europe), Colonial Empires, Gender, Sexuality and Women, Memory and Commemoration, Nationalism and Identity. Prof. Wingfield teaches geographic courses on East-Central European and Habsburg History as well as a topical course on the History of Gender and Sexuality.
Nancy Wingfield