J-1 Visitor Invitations, Extension, Check-in and Check-out

To invite an international visitor on a J-1 visa, departments must contact Stephanie Brown (sbrown11@niu.edu) to receive the documents via email for both the host department and for the prospective scholar.

Process to Invite a J-1 Visitor

  • Contact Stephanie to receive the forms
  • Both the department and scholar will email Stephanie the completed forms
  • ISSS will process the request and create the DS-2019 Form. We will send the DS-2019 as well as an information packet, containing information about Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Fee payment, explanation of health insurance requirements and so forth to the scholar
  • The initial visitor will enter the U.S. with the valid passport, J-1 Visa stamp, and DS-2019. All newly arrived J1 Exchange visitor will need to check in at ISSS

J-1 Check-in Procedure

All NIU J-1 sponsored exchange visitors must complete the immigration check-in and attend orientation with an ISSS advisor

  1. After you arrive in the US, email ISSS (isfo@niu.edu) to make an appointment with an advisor for your check-in and orientation processing
  2. At your appointment, you will fill out the check-in form. Bring the following for yourself and dependent (J2):
    • Passport
    • DS-2019
    • Proof of Insurance

We will complete the check-in/orientation process with you and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting and personally welcoming you to Northern Illinois University.

Extending the Stay of a J-1 Visitor

  • To extend a scholar's stay, the department should contact Stephanie Brown
  • For a J1 Exchange visitor to be eligible for an extension, they cannot exceed the time limits given to them
    • Professors and Research Scholars – 5 years maximum
    • Short-term Scholars – 6 months maximum

J1 Check-out Procedure

When you have completed your exchange program at Northern Illinois University and are ready to return home, please make sure to contact an ISSS advisor so that we can close out your SEVIS record properly. You can email your ISSS advisor your full name and date of departure.

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