HR Strategic Focus Areas

We are committed to striving for organizational excellence and doing our part to ensure that NIU is positioned as a great place to work and as a leader in attracting, developing and sustaining a diverse and talented workforce.

  • People and Culture
    Proactively develop and enhance HR services and strategies to attract, develop and sustain a diverse and highly talented workforce to accomplish the mission of Northern Illinois University.
  • HR Continuous Improvement
    Model HR agility through innovation, process re-engineering and continuous improvement in delivering effective and efficient strategic and consultative HR services to NIU stakeholders.
  • Professional Development and Training
    Strategically invest in our employees through professional development and training to meet the current and future workforce needs of NIU.
  • HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics
    Measure our success by analyzing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our HR services and programs through HR metrics and workforce analytics.
  • HR Strategy and Operations Administration
    Consistently demonstrate HR strategic and operational excellence to position Northern Illinois University as a recognized HR leader in higher education.
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