B.A. and B.S in Psychology

General Advising

If you do not know who your advisor is, please email to set up an appointment.

Online Advising Resources

Advising worksheets are also available for both the B.A. and B.S. in psychology and are useful for self-tracking your progress.

We recently made some changes to our curriculum, so be sure to read below carefully. 

If you started NIU in Fall 2021or after you will be following the new major curriculum requirements.  Fall 2021 worksheets for the major are here:

B.A. Worksheet  (starting Fall 2021)

B.S. Worksheet (starting Fall 2021)

If you started NIU prior to Fall 2021, you will be following the prior major requirements.  (You have the option of switching to a new catalog year (Fall 2021 or after) but that should be done in consultation with your advisor.) Worksheets for the major for students with entry to NIU prior to Fall 2021 are here:

B.A. Worksheet (prior to Fall 2021) 

B.S. Worksheet (prior to Fall 2021) 

Online Advising for a Minor in Psychology

  • To declare you minor in psychology please email
  • For academic advising regarding your minor please watch the minor advising video below.

    Psychology Minor Advising Video

  • The minor worksheet is also a helpful resource for self-tracking your progress.

Waitlist Information

During registration times we have waitlists for PSYC 305 Research Methods, PSYC 306 Advanced Research Methods, and Psychology Lab courses only. Please email to be added to the waiting list for these courses.

If you find other courses are full, you may contact the instructor of the course you are trying to register to ask about enrollment. If you do not know the instructor's name, email

Please note: the main office is unable to assist with enrollment without permission from the instructor.


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