Diversity in Clinical Psychology Program

NIU is a multicultural community that cultivates, promotes, and celebrates diversity. Approximately one-quarter of Northern’s students come from diverse ethnic backgrounds. To learn more about the diversity at NIU and the surrounding community, watch this video:

NIU is committed to providing supports to help students from underrepresented populations succeed in their studies. To learn about support resources and funding at NIU for students from underrepresented populations, watch this video:

Training in Diversity Issues

Students in the clinical psychology program learn to have a broad understanding of all aspects of diversity. Through coursework and other experiential activities, students learn how to provide clinical services while considering their clients’ unique perspectives and experiences.

Helpful information for Undergraduates Interested in Applying to Graduate School

For many years, the NIU Psychology Department hosted the diversifying psychology open house where we had panels of graduate students share their experiences in applying for graduate school in psychology to help students from underrepresented populations learn the ropes. Helpful videos and other resources shared at that program.