Graduation Check

We strongly recommend that you schedule advising appointments with your College of Liberal Arts & Sciences advisor, your major advisor and minor advisor ONE or TWO semesters PRIOR to your graduation term to ensure that you have registered for all your required courses. For the best and most thorough advising, you should be consulting regularly with your advisors, but these final advising sessions are especially crucial. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to verify that all your degree requirements have been met.

Degree Requirements

Start by checking your Academic Requirements Report in MyNIU. Any deficiencies must be resolved in order to graduate.  

  • For deficiencies in your major, go to the department office for your major for clarification.
  • For deficiencies in your minor, go to the department office for your minor for clarification.
  • For deficiencies in your foundational studies, knowledge domains, or B.A./B.S. requirements, make an appointment with an advisor at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences office for clarification. You can set an appointment at Zulauf Hall 201 or call 815-753-0114.

Be aware that you must earn at least 120 credit hours to graduate. Of those, at least 40 credit hours must be upper-division courses (300- and 400-level).

After earning 80 credit hours, you must earn at least 30 credit hours through NIU to meet residence requirements. If you transferred to NIU, you must earn at least 54 hours from four-year institutions such as NIU.

Your cumulative grade point average, major and minor GPA at NIU must be 2.0 or higher. Any incompletes (“I”) must be resolved. If your minor or teacher licensure appears incomplete on your Academic Requirements Report and is not required for your specific program or major, it will be deleted from your record so you will be clear for graduation. This is not a complete list of requirements; please consult the Undergraduate Catalog for additional rules and regulations.

Applying for Graduation

You will apply for graduation during the semester in which you register for your final term through MyNIU. Log in and navigate to 'self-service', then 'degree progress/graduation' and 'apply for graduation'.

There is a one-time $29 fee per degree. After completing the graduation application process, the fee will be automatically charged to your student account.

If you need to postpone your graduation date, you must notify Registration and Records of your revised graduation term. If you are on a graduation list, you cannot register for subsequent semesters at NIU so be sure to change your graduation date as soon as possible.


If you have questions regarding the commencement ceremony, please check the commencement website.