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instructor of anatomy


Anatomy and Physiology, Histology, Gross Anatomy, and Neurobiology

Training Program

Assisted in the creation of an innovative exercise program Core4Training® Booklet and DVD, Copyright 2005, Jenkins Chiropractic, Ltd.


I enjoyed working as a chiropractor for 18 years, which is essentially clinical applications of anatomy and physiology. I am especially interested in functional anatomy, muscle imbalances, and their effects on the essential core stabilizers of the spine. My career interests have also included studying and teaching patients about incorporating healthy lifestyle choices to optimize health. I have taken over 600 post graduate hours in biomechanics and nutrition with a special emphasis on a ketogenic diet as a solution to metabolic syndrome and many chronic diseases that plague the US.



D. C., Cum Laude Graduate National University Health Sciences Chiropractic Doctorate Program, 1988

M. S. Biology, With Specialization in Human Anatomical Studies, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL May 2010

B.S., Human Biology - National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL 1986

Preprofessional studies at Bradley University, Peoria, IL 1981-1983


Moira Jenkins, D.C., M.S.

Office: MO 339
Phone: (815) 753-6295

Courses Taught:
Bios 357
Bios 446/546