Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Winter 2022

Stories From My Childhood

Dates: Nov. 29 through Dec. 17, 2022, and Jan. 10 through Feb. 17, 2023 (closed university holiday)

Rotunda and South Galleries

"Stories From My Childhood" explores both dark childhood experiences and somewhat humorous and quirky observations of life from a child’s perspective. Artists were asked to depict a transformative event that occurred during their childhood through visual media and text.

This exhibition contains mature content and may not be suited for all audiences.

"Stories From My Childhood" features the work and stories of Salma Arastu, Nava Atlas, Karen Avant, Anna Betts, Natalie Christensen, Julia Fauci, Shawna Gibbs, Ronald Gosses, Juan Hernandez, Zach Horn, Fletcher Koehrsen, Oxana Kovalchuk, Julia LaChica, Carol Larson, Kaila Larson, Jamie Luoto, Lex Marie, Lori Markman, DaNice D. Marshall, Norbert Marszalek, Rebecca Mason, Michelle Mullet, Amy Nelder, Janelle O’Malley, Diane Rickerl, Arielle Romano, Griselda Rosas, Boryana Rusenova-Ina, Maryam Safajoo, Baylee Schmitt, Sydney Small, Alfred Stark, Amanda Taves, Christian Ulloa, Kyle White, Lisa Fayiza Wright, Ana Zanic, Abby Moon Zeciroski and Jane Zich.

Ronald Gonzalez: As a Child I Sailed the World 

Dates: Nov. 29 through Dec. 17, 2022, and Jan. 10 through Feb. 17, 2023 (closed university holiday) 

Hall Case Gallery 

Regarding his exhibition of figurative objects made periodically over many years, artist Ronald Gonzalez explains, “Behind every object is a story. As a young boy growing up, I was fascinated with everything small. I collected trinkets from gumball machines where a miniature parallel world existed; it had small versions of tiny cars, houses, money, playing cards, books, guns, and trains. Everything was there to have and to hold. I found things from the streets to make toys and playthings. I remember making boats out of bottle caps with paper sails to float ants across water puddles. As a child I sailed the world.” 

Spring 2023

The Art of Collecting and Local Visions II

Dates: Mar. 30 through May 27, 2023

This spring, we will again be working with the Center for Burma Studies on exhibitions that explore various perspectives on collecting. The Art of Collecting will explore multiple stories of various encounters of Americans who had lived in Burma from the 1950s through the last couple of decades. Along with this, the museum will host Local Visions II featuring local art and artifact collections borrowed from members of the campus and the community.

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