Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

Exhibitions will be open Mar. 26 to May 11, 2024.

Making Our History – Artists Render Lincoln’s Legacies

Rotunda and South Galleries

This exhibition was produced by University of Illinois Springfield Director of Visual Arts and professor of graphic design Brytton Bjorngaard and Wepner Distinguished Professor of Lincoln Studies Graham A. Peck.

Twenty Illinois artists in a virtual residency created paintings, sculptures, prints, photography, virtual reality, conceptual and video artwork. The artwork showcases the many sides to Lincoln that permeate our perception of the former president through each artists’ interpretation of Lincoln’s legacies: the frontier Lincoln, the family man, the politician, the military chieftain, the emancipator, the icon, the saint, the pop culture figure and cultural artifact, the Land of Lincoln and Lincoln’s still resounding political legacy.

Accompanying this exhibition are video interviews produced by Storyteller Studios of Springfield that provide insight into each artists’ practice, research and project. In addition, Professor Peck has written essays that contextualize their work in relation to Lincoln history.

Artists participating in this exhibition include William Blake, Julie Cowan, Keenan Dailey, David Hinds, Danny Houk, Larsen Husby, Jordan Fein, Lori Fuller, Industry of the Ordinary (Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson), Lindsay Johnson, Kelly Kristin Jones, Judith Joseph, Alexander Martin, Judith Mayer, Mark Nelson, Nathan Peck, Don Pollack, Krista Shelton, Corey Smith and Billie Theide.

Lincoln Highway: The Main Street Across America

Hall Case Gallery

This exhibition has been curated by our program assistant Shelby Edelmann and discusses the history of the creation of the Lincoln Highway, how it shaped cross-country travel across the United States and the roots of the Lincoln Highway here in DeKalb County.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Fall 2024: “Spirituality, Heritage and Health” - artists explore cultural lineage, beliefs, events, environment and practices as they relate to physical and mental well-being.

Winter 2024-25: “Biennial Faculty Show.”

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