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2019 Exhibitions

Data Exhibition Suite
March 28 - May 17, 2019

Data: Big/-driven/Visualized

Data: BIG/-driven/Visualized… is a multidimensional exhibition that delves into the array of manner in which data surrounds us, impacts us and is interpreted. From the enormous amount of bytes of information constantly being produced, collected and analyzed; to the notion that decisions are made objectively when based on data; to the nuanced means of making numerical information comprehensible and compelling through graphic and physical representation, BIG/-driven/Visualized… explores the data in our lives.

DATA: BIG/-driven/Visualized

Graduate Museum Studies Student-curated Exhibitions

NIU Museum Studies student curators: Larissa Barnat, Brian T. Cory and Nathaniel Pendergraft with instructor Peter van Ael.

Mindful & Aspirational Projection Systems: A Voyage Through Space and Time From Beginning to End? The What and How 

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