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This annual service allows individuals and departments to enhance their private offices and the administrative areas of the university by renting original works of art. Artwork enriches the university's welcoming nature for students, faculty and staff as well as brightens the experience for public visitors and provides daily enjoyment in the workplace. Each work meant for public display was carefully selected by museum staff for its broad appeal and its ability to be on loan for up to eight years.

The selection period will be open from June 26 through July 14. Works will be assigned by lottery based on preferred selections. Interested faculty/staff should submit an online selection form before the deadline.

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Peter Olson
Assistant Director and Curator

Art to Lend Policy

The NIU Art Museum's on-campus loan policy operates under the following conditions:


  • For insurance purposes, all artwork from the collection must be installed in a secure area that is locked when it is not occupied by university personnel. This area must also meet basic environmental requirements including proper light levels and temperature and humidity controls for the safe keeping of artwork.
  • Loans can be made for a maximum of eight years. After that period, the artwork must be returned to the museum for a thorough inspection and if needed conservation. During this time minor repairs will be made such as reframing, re-matting etc. The eight-year limit will also allow for works to recover from extended exposure to light, which can cause works of art to fade and become brittle. As light levels in university offices cannot always be monitored and/or controlled, limited exposure will help decrease risks of damage.
  • The NIU Art Museum reserves the right to temporarily retrieve works of art from borrower for exhibition, photography, conservation or other necessary procedures. If the museum initiates the removal of a work of art, a replacement work can be substituted without incurring installation charges.
  • Should artwork from the collection need to be removed, or should the borrowing individual change offices or leave the university, the museum must be contacted to move the artwork.


Installation fee: this initial fee includes the installation of selected artwork in an appropriate office setting. The installation fee will be charged either for new works brought to an office or for works moved/relocated to another office at any time during the year.

Number of pieces per department Fee
1-3 $35
4-6 $60
7-10 $85

Note: Any piece(s) beyond the above listed will cost an additional $10 per piece.

Annual rental fee: in addition to the initial fee, there will be a yearly rental fee of $20 per piece, effective from the time the work is installed. Works that are on loan will be checked annually by museum staff (during which time the staff member will complete a condition report for each work on loan.) For works already on loan there will be no installation fee. However, the yearly rental fee will be requested.

All funds generated from these fees are used for the direct care and maintenance of the collection, including matting and framing which makes new selections available.

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