Overcoming Obstacles

Many students have obstacles to overcome before they can return to campus. If you’re having trouble reenrolling, we’re here to help. Watch the webinar below for general information and contact an advisor for personalized assistance.

Common Problems

Here are some difficulties students often face when reenrolling:

  • Owing money to NIU: If you owe more than a certain amount, you must pay it before you can reenroll (depending on if your account was sent to collections).
    • If your balance has not been sent to collections, you must get your balance below $1,500.
    • If your balance has gone to collections, you must pay the complete balance.
  • Academic dismissal: You can appeal an academic dismissal if you hope to enroll the semester following your dismissal.
    • You must write a letter to explain your situation and describe your plan for improvement. 
    • Otherwise, you must wait at least one full fall or spring semester to lapse since your dismissal before you can reapply to the university. At that time, you will need to write a letter of reinstatement to accompany your reapplication to the university.
    • Dismissed students who are reapplying to the university should plan to have their materials in at least a few weeks in advance of application deadlines
  • Issues with financial aid/Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): If you didn’t meet SAP requirements, you can submit an appeal. Learn about Satisfactory Academic Progress and submitting an appeal.

Reenrollment Common Issues and Resolutions 

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