Lost and Found


The NIU Police and Public Safety Department maintains an active lost and found to be a resource to the community at large. While there are multiple lost and found programs across campus, the NIU Police and Public Safety Department’s lost and found maintains identification cards, banking cards and other property that is turned into us from other departments. We use our resources to effectively return this type of sensitive identification or financial property.

Lost property is either turned into the NIU Police at the Police and Public Safety Department or found when an officer is called to a location. Once, the property is at the NIU Police and Public Safety Department, an officer reviews the item for any identification and cross-references the information we have with any pertinent databases at our disposal, such as our electronic device registration. When the owner is identified, reasonable attempts are made to return the property.

Our lost and found is housed with the Telecommunications office which is open 24 hours a day. Report a lost item.

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In case of emergency: Call 911

Non-Emergency Phone Number: 815-753-1212

Email: niupd@niu.edu

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