Stay Safe @ NIU


Keeping Campus Grounds and Facilities Safe

NIU Department of Police and Public Safety officers regularly patrol campus and report unsafe physical conditions to be addressed by Facilities Management and Campus Services. Campus lighting typically meets or exceeds the industry standard for pedestrian walkways, and parking lots are well-lit and patrolled routinely by NIU police officers. 

Reporting a Concern

Though our police officers and grounds and facilities employees work diligently to keep our campus safe, you can help by reporting issues. Do you see streetlights that aren’t working, darkened areas of campus that need additional lighting or bushes that are overgrown and blocking sight lines to walking paths? If so, let us know by contacting Facilities Management and Campus Services at or 815-753-1741.

Contact Us

Facilities Management and Campus Services

For urgent concerns, call the Department of Police and Public Safety
911 (emergency)
815-753-1212 (non-emergency)