Community Safety Services

The NIU Police and Public Safety Department provides a variety of services to the community. From installing car seats, to jumping dead batteries, to device registration, there is a lot we can help you with. Here are some of the services we provide with links for more information.

Huskie Safe Line 

Route 11 of the Huskie bus line is the Huskie Safe Line. It operates seven days a week, from midnight to 7 a.m. and is free to NIU students.

Safe Walk

Don’t want to walk alone on campus? The Huskie Patrol will accompany you through the Safe Walk service.

Motorist Assistance

NIU Police will help when you need your car unlocked or a jump start for your dead battery on and near campus.

Lost and Found

The NIU Police and Public Safety Department maintains a lost and found to safeguard your personal property.

Child Safety Seats

The NIU Police and Public Safety Department has Certified Child Safety Seat Installers on staff to install seats correctly and explain proper use of child safety seats. Child safety seat inspection appointments are free.

Bicycle Registration

Register your bike with NIU’s Department of Police and Public Safety so we can identify your bicycle and return it if it is ever lost or stolen.

Special Event Staffing

The NIU Department of Police and Public Safety provides security for on-campus special events.

Safe Selling

If you sell something online and need somewhere to meet the buyer, use our safe selling space.

Contact Us

In case of emergency: Call 911

Non-Emergency Phone Number: 815-753-1212


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