Bicycle Registration


Any community member with a bicycle is encouraged to register their bike with NIU’s Department of Public Safety. It’s easy! Simply come to the NIU Police Department with your bicycle. A member of our staff will meet with you and document your name, contact information and the bicycle information including the serial number. Then we adhere an identifying sticker to your bicycle. That’s it!

All of the information we collect is compiled in a database. Registering your bicycle establishes a way the NIU Police can identify your bicycle if it is ever lost or stolen. The registration gives us a way to reunite the bikes we find on campus with their rightful owners.

At the end of each academic year, we collect the bicycles that people abandon within the borders of NIU DeKalb in an ongoing effort to keep our campus looking its best. Bicycles that are not registered are collected and held for a semester. If the bikes are still not claimed after the holding period, they are donated to the Youth Service Bureau. 

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