Are you curious about what it takes to be a police officer? Then consider an internship with the Northern Illinois University Department of Police and Public safety! You will learn firsthand what being a police officer for a university is really like. You will be encouraged to assist with several exciting experiences such as:

  • Traffic stops
  • Arrests
  • Community presentations
  • Drug searches
  • Event management
  • Executing warrants
  • Residence hall checks

An intern with NIU’s Department of Police and Public Safety can be a student at any college or university. Applications are accepted through the records department. During the eight-week program, you work on a project that is presented to the administration in your final weeks.

This exciting internship allows you to experience every facet of the NIU PD. From ride along to walking the beat to forensics, you gain experience as you work your way through each department. Throughout the program, your curiosity turns to insight as you gain better understanding of the inner workings of the police department.

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Non-Emergency Phone Number: 815-753-1212


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