Public Information

Northern Illinois University provides an open exchange of information with the public to communicate the laws and policies we adhere to in order to maintain a safe living and learning environment. Here are a few links to important information for the NIU community.

Report Your concerns

Help keep our campus grounds and facilities safe by reporting safety concerns you encounter.

Clery Report

The NIU Annual Safety and Security Report discloses all crimes that occur on and near campus.

Sex Offender Registry

Information about how to register as a sex offender and registry disclosures for the public.

Concealed Carry Notice

The carrying of firearms is strictly prohibited on campuses throughout Illinois. This page contains information for permit holders and anyone who sees a gun on campus.

Smoke Free Campus

Northern Illinois University facilitates the Smoke-Free Campus Act, which prohibits smoking on all state-supported higher education institutions including public university and community college campuses.

Daily Offense Log

Search for criminal, traffic and DeKalb city ordinance violations issued by the NIU police and organized by date.

Freedom Of Information Act

The Freedom Of Information Act is the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government. Anyone can complete a FOIA request to gain more information about NIU.

Freedom of Expression at NIU

Information regarding NIU's commitment to freedom of expression and open discussion in all matters of public interest. 

Football Tailgating

Information you need to know about pregame tailgating at NIU.