Technology Venture Grants Program

***This program is no longer active***


Technology Venture Grants Program

Through a partnership with the NIU Technology Transfer Office (TTO), the NIU Foundation is excited to support the pursuit of research development through their Technology Venture Grants Program. This program results in extended collaboration between NIU’s students and faculty, the development of NIU’s best “ideas” into viable, market-ready products or technologies, and the advancement of NIU by bringing different minds and skill sets together.

Under the Technology Venture Grants, faculty who have submitted invention disclosures to the TTO for review are selected.  Semi-finalists will be selected to advance and meet with students, other faculty members, and members of the local community with expertise in other disciplines to form business teams. These teams will be aligned with mentors and coaches as they train and work on a business plan.  Final presentations will be made to the NIU Foundation Grants Committee and two proposals will be selected to receive Venture Grant funding.  If selected during the initial review process, the previous year's grant recipients may compete for "phase two" funding the following year.

2014 Venture Grant

2013 Venture Grant