Actuarial Sciences

Actuarial Club

The NIU Actuarial Club is an organization of students interested in Actuarial Science and Actuarial Careers. The club has career oriented presentations throughout the school year, posts the club members' resumes on the website, and organizes a variety of activities of interest to actuarial students. Students interested in actuarial science and actuarial careers will benefit in several ways by joining the club. The club provides a forum for interaction and informal exchange of ideas among students interested in actuarial science. Timely information on the actuarial profession and actuarial exams will become readily available to all members.

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Please feel free to contact any of the officers or the faculty advisor with questions about the club.


  • Tyler Hendry
  • Lucy Albers
  • Andrew Kelliher
  • Deborah Abassah-Manu

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Shi

Lei (Larry) Hua, PhD, A.S.A.
Assistant Professor
NIU Division of Statistics
Office: DU 361A
Phone: (815)753-6846