Emergency Funding

Emergency Funding provides financial assistance in the case of an extreme and unforeseen emergency. Funding amounts range from $50 to $500. Students are required to provide documentation of the emergency such as receipts or bills, etc., on the stationery of the company/business with which they are involved.

Applicants must have paid tuition and fees.

Emergency funding CANNOT be used for:

  • educational expenses including tuition, fees, or books
  • living expenses such as rent, gas, food, clothing, childcare, utility bills, etc.
  • all travel expenses including airfare
  • student workers who have not received a paycheck - the department must work with Human Resources
  • students who have not received their financial aid refund from the Bursar's Office
  • money owed to NIU or another college

If eligible, the processing time for emergency funding will vary on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Scholarship Office at: 815-753-4829.

Looking for money to help pay for food until your financial aid disburses? Through Housing & Dining, you can select the Lite Meal Plan Option, whether you live on campus or off campus. The charge will be applied directly to your Bursar's account and you can begin and end this meal plan option at any time!