MINUTES 7/13/06

8:30AM – Holmes Student Center 406


Present:    Elizabeth Buck, Judy Burgess, Gay Campbell, Marcia Dick, Glenda Jones, Theresa Kinniry,

    Joe Koch, Jay Monteiro, Nancy Schuneman, and LaRonda Thuestad.  


Absent:     Sara Clayton, Margie Foshe, Linda Jennings, Andy Small, Julia Sober, Rachel Turner.


Guests:     Tim Griffin


I.                    Call to Order


Vice President Joe Koch called the regular meeting of the Operating Staff Council to order at 8:35 a.m. on Thursday, July 13, 2006.


II.         Approval of Agenda


A motion was made to accept the agenda with two additions.  The motion was seconded and passed.   


III.        Approval of Minutes of the June 8, 2006, Meeting


A motion was made to accept the minutes.  The motion was seconded and passed.


IV.        Treasurer’s Report


The treasurer’s report was presented for discussion. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report. The motion was seconded and passed.


V.         Announcements/Correspondence


A.         LaRonda Thuestad announced there will be a retirement party for Larry Sallberg from 2 to 4 p.m. on July 31 in the lobby at the Law School.


B.         Koch passed around a letter from President Peters concerning salary increments that was sent to all employees.    


C.            The minutes from the June 7 meeting of the Secretarial Advisory Council were passed  

             around. The SAC also published a phone list of various campus offices for staff use.


D.            A memo from SPS President Bobbie Cesarek was passed around.  Cesarek has asked

                         the Council for its support in an effort to establish a Ride Share program for staff   

                         members.  According to Cesarek, a ride share database is currently being created for    

                         Non-Traditional Students and Cesarek hopes the program can be expanded to include



E.            An e-mail from a constituent was passed around.  The constituent wanted to know if the

Council had recommended an across-the-board increment increase.  Turner responded that the Council had in fact recommended the 3% across-the-board increment increase.


F.             1.  Highlights of the Board of Trustee meeting were discussed.  Items discussed at the

                               meeting included:


- The re-election of Barbara Giorgi Vella as chair.


- A NIU Foundation report stating that more than $90 million has been raised in the past 6

  years.  The Foundation also received $1.1 million endowed chair in music for violin.


                        2.  The President’s report included the approval of several items including:


                        - The FY 2008 budget (including a 6% faculty and staff increase)

                        - The FY 2007 internal operating budget (1.2% GR base increase) and salary guidelines.

- The FY 2007 tuition rates (excluding those covered by Truth-in-Tuition).  The rates    

  include a 7% increase for continuing undergraduate students, a 10% increase for new

  degree-seeking undergraduate students and a 7% increase for graduate and law school   


                        - NIU Institute for Neutron Therapy (pass through)

                        - Faculty promotions and tenure and appointments with rank and tenure.

                        - New PhD degree program in Art Education.

- Various allocations for west campus development, construction easements, off campus   

   lease agreements and equipment.

                        - development agreement for housing for students with dependent children.


3.  A special report on underprepared student programs was also presented. The report stated that a summer camp held at NIU last summer to expose underprepared students to math and science in a college environment was very successful so it will be offered again this year to Jefferson High School students.  Jefferson High School is part of the Rockford Education Alliance.


VI.        Committee Reports


A.                  Personnel/Staff Developments/Benefits  No Report.


B.         Elections and Appointments


Elections for officers for the Council were held.  Six Council members voted by absentee ballot.  The following Council members were elected to the offices indicated:   for President Rachel Turner; for V.P. Sara Clayton; for Secretary Theresa Kinniry; and for Treasurer Elizabeth Buck.    


Nominations from the floor were also taken for the second voting member of the University Council.  Clayton had expressed an interest in the position in an e-mail and Marcia Dick was nominated from the floor.  Dick was elected by a show of hands and will serve as the second voting member of the University Council.


Koch said there are a few committee positions available and he will forward all the information to Clayton who is the new vice president of the Council.


C.         Special Events


            LaRonda Thuestad reported that more than 1300 reservations have been made for StaffFest.  The deadline for reservations is July 13, but late requests will still be accepted. However, those who register late will not be eligible for the door prizes.  The final count is due July 20.  Those tickets that are to be mailed will be sent out on July 19th.  Historic photos from the library, as well as photos from Dr. Glen Gildemeister’s new book about NIU  are being used as decorations for the event. Dr. Gildemeister has also donated a copy of the book to be used as a door prize.  Thuestad said there are some administrators scheduled to serve, but more are needed.  She asked Council members if they could recommend some people.


Nancy Schuneman has been soliciting various businesses for door prizes. She has spoken with more than 40 businesses in the area.  The goal is 50.  The deadline for submitting door prizes is July 20.  Dick is working with the Athletics department as well.


D.         Public Relations – No report.


            E.         Visiting Committees/Guests. – None.


F.         EAC – No Report.


            G.         UAC No Report.


            H.         University Council No Report.


VII.       Old Business – None.


VIII.      New Business  -


1.       Evaluation Policy


At the June meeting Steve Cunningham asked the Council to consider changes to the current employee evaluations. Cunningham said many of the supervisors he has talked to have indicated that they would like more time to complete evaluations and do not like the rigidity of the annual requirement.  It was decided that the issue should be tabled until the next meeting since many members of the Council were not present at the meeting.


2.       Merit Increment – SPS


The SPS Council has drafted proposed definitions to help determine which employees would be deserving of the merit component of the annual increment increase, should merit raises be forthcoming in future years.  The SPS Council has asked the OSC Council for its input and support of the proposed criteria.  Kinniry will make copies of the proposed definitions and forward them to Council members for perusal.  The discussion will be tabled until the next meeting.  Koch said it should be tied into the evaluation process.


            3.   Meeting Refreshments


Kinniry pointed out that the menu for the HSC has changed and that the only options for refreshments will be to choose package deals.  Copies of the refreshment portion of the menu were passed around.  The new system will likely cost the Council more money.  It was decided that refreshments would not be ordered for the next meeting until the Council has an opportunity to discuss it.  The Council suggested that Turner write a letter to HSC Director Mitch Kielb asking why the procedure was changed and informing him that the Council may no longer order refreshments. Kinniry will e-mail Council members informing them of the decision not to have refreshments in August.


4.       SURS Representative


Larry Sallberg, the current SURS representative, will be retiring at the end of July 2006 and a replacement is needed.  Sallberg recommended that Judy Burgess be appointed as the new representative.  Burgess was asked to leave the room so the remaining Council members could discuss it.  The position was not advertised on the ballot because Sallberg’s term will not end until July 31.  Dick suggested that Burgess be appointed for a year as interim representative until next year when the position can be advertised along with all the other committee vacancies.  A vote could not be taken because there was no quorum.  The issue was tabled until the next meeting.


5.       Discussion Items for Provost


Turner received an e-mail from the President’s office inviting Turner and the other council presidents to a luncheon to meet with the new Provost Raymond Alden on August 7.  If Council had any questions or items for discussion that they would like Turner to address at the luncheon, they should e-mail Turner since the luncheon will take place prior to the next Council meeting.


IX.        Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Theresa Kinniry

OSC Secretary