MINUTES 7/08/04

8:30AM – Holmes Student Center 406


Present:   Elizabeth Buck, Gay Campbell, Michele Crase, Sara Clayton, Linda Jennings, Glenda Jones, Theresa Kinniry, Nancy Schuneman, Donna Smith, and Rachel Turner.  


Absent:      Marcia Dick, Margie Foshe, Jay Monteiro, and Andy Small, LaRonda Thuestad.


Guests:     Tim Griffin and Jodi Tyrrell.



I.                    Call to Order


The regular meeting of the Operating Staff Council was called to order at 8:40a.m. on Thursday, July 8, 2004, by President Sara Clayton.



II.         Approval of Agenda


A motion was made to accept the agenda as presented.  The motion was seconded and passed.   



III.        Approval of Minutes of June 10, 2004, Meeting


A motion was made to accept the minutes as amended. The motion was seconded and passed.



IV.        Treasurer’s Report


The treasurer’s report was presented for discussion and included the FY05 budget for perusal. A      motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report. The motion was seconded and passed.



V.         Announcements/Correspondence


A.      Clayton passed around a copy of a thank-you letter she received from Carolyn A. Houston, Manager, Benefits Management Division, Bureau of Benefits, Illinois Department of Central Management Services, in response to a letter from OSC, forwarded to Houston from the Director of CMS, Michael Rumman. The letter expressed Houston’s appreciation for the concern and interest the Council has for the health care needs of its members and constituents.


B.      Clayton circulated a copy of the Offset Windfall newsletter she had received from Marcia Dick.


C.      Jodi Tyrrell announced that Human Resource Services would be distributing [via e-mail] copies of the new grievance procedures for faculty and staff.


D.      Tyrrell announced that HRS would also be distributing to the campus community an e-mail regarding the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.


E.      Tyrrell announced that in August, auditors from the State Universities Civil Service System will be visiting NIU to conduct the biennial audit of civil service personnel administration at NIU. Lists of Civil Service position descriptions that auditors have requested for preliminary review will be sent to departments before the end of the week.





VI.        Committee Reports


A.                  Personnel/Staff Developments/Benefits.     No report.


B.                  Elections and Appointments.


1.       Linda Jennings distributed ballots to the Council to vote for the new executive committee.  The following people were elected:


President – Donna Smith

Vice President – Rachel Turner

Treasurer – Elizabeth Buck

Secretary – Theresa Kinniry


2.       Jennings then took nominations from the Council for the second voting member of the University Council. Those nominated were:  Gay Campbell, Sara Clayton, Michele Crase, Linda Jennings, Joe Koch, Andy Small, and Rachel Turner. Voting will be at the August 2004 meeting.


3.       The Council then voted on operating staff to fill vacancies on the university committees and the following people were selected: 


Outstanding Service Award Selection Committee – Sue Stelling

Campus Parking Committee – Shirley Mashare

Campus Parking Appeals Committee – Joe Koch

Campus Security & Environmental Control Committee – Lori Sprague


                               Rachel Turner will e-mail council members with remaining committee vacancies so                                     that recruiting for those committees can start as soon as possible.


C.                  Public Relations


1.  Nancy Schuneman reported on the changes to the nomination forms for the Outstanding Service Awards.  The suggestions are as follows:


a.         Cover Letter:  Like to stipulate there be “up to” four awards.  This is because they want to have the option of only awarding two to three awards if necessary.  It was also decided that nominees should have worked at NIU a minimum of five years.  The committee also wants to emphasize that recent retirees are eligible for the award.  Clayton asked if the stipulation that employees can only win the award once could be changed.  After some discussion, it was decided that it should be a one-time only award.  The council will consider possibly awarding certificates to outstanding employees. 


b.         Criteria:  The committee decided that Criteria 1 and Criteria 2 would count for 40% and Criteria 3 would count for only 20%.  The council agreed that Criteria 3 should be clarified to read “…contributions within their community of residence…” to distinguish it from other criteria.  After much discussion, it was decided that the percentages were correct.


c.         The nomination form would be printed on the back of the letter.  The wording will be changed to clarify that there must be a total of three letters – one letter of nomination and two additional letters to support the nomination.  The classification of the employee will also be added to the form to further ensure eligibility and to help clarify the accomplishments of the individual.


d.         Campbell asked why the committee will only accept one nomination packet per individual.  She pointed out that it is possible that more than one packet could be received for the same person.  It was decided that the sentence should be eliminated from the nomination form and it will be dealt with as necessary.


e.         It was also decided the nomination form itself did not have to be signed by all of the letter writers. 


f.          Rating Sheet:  Criteria #3 has to be divided by 2.  The highest measure of excellence would be 25 not 30. 


            D.         Visiting Committees – None


            E.         EAC – No Report


            F.         UAC –No Report


            G.         University Council – Does not meet in the summer


H.         Special Events – Buck reported that the committee met and discussed decorations.  She said the tickets will be mailed out soon.  OSC members were invited to help stuff envelopes at the Math Office (Watson 320) at 9:30 a.m. on July 22.


VII.       Old Business


1.         Council of Councils  Joe Koch reported that invitations were sent to area politicians.


2.         Constitution – Added wording that the OSC president would have to serve on the University Council Steering Committee as well as one of the other University Council committees that has Operating Staff representation.  A motion was made to accept the changes and was seconded.  Smith will update the bylaws and provide all Council members with an updated copy.


VII.       New Business – None


VIII.      Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.




Respectfully Submitted,




Theresa Kinniry

OSC Secretary