MINUTES 07/10/03

8:30AM – HSC 406


Present:   Elizabeth Buck, Judy Burgess, Sara Clayton, Michele Crase, Marcia Dick, Linda Jennings, Glenda Jones, Theresa Kinniry, Joe Koch, Jay Monteiro, Dena Olson, Andy Small, LaRonda Thuestad, and Rachel Turner.


Excused:  Ada Hetland


Guests:     Tim Griffin and Jodi Tyrrell




I.                    Call to Order


The meeting was called to order at 8:35 a.m. by President Sara Clayton. 



II.            Approval of Agenda


A motion was made to approve the agenda with the following changes:  Election of Officers became the first item after Approval of Agenda and VII. Old Business, A. Grievance Procedure Committee, was moved to item number VI. on the agenda.   The motion was seconded and passed.  



III.            Election of Officers for 2003-04.


            Selected by vocal affirmation were Sara Clayton as President and Gay Campbell as Secretary.              Selected by private ballot vote were Linda Jennings as Vice President and Elizabeth Buck as             Treasurer.


IV.            Approval of Minutes of June 12, 2003, Meeting


A motion was made to accept the minutes as read.  The motion was seconded and passed. 


V.            Treasurer’s Report


            Treasurer Elizabeth Buck distributed copies of a twelve-month treasurer’s report for the Council’s             perusal.  The report showed the FY03 budget allocation and listed actual expenditures in             chronological order.  Buck also distributed copies of the FY04 budget allocation.  After discussion,             a motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report.  The motion was seconded and passed.


VI.            Announcement/Correspondence


1.            Clayton passed copies of the following memos, letters, and emails around the Council             for their information:   

            a.            Letter from President Peters concerning salary increases,

            b. Memo from Steve Cunningham regarding New Faculty & Supportive Professional       Staff Orientation,

            c.            Secretarial Advisory Council [SAC] minutes from June 11, 2003, meeting,

            d.            Email from UIC forwarding a report to all present and future SURS beneficiaries,

            e.             Memo from Steve Cunningham regarding Version 8 “V-8” Upgrade – PeopleSoft                              Human Resource and Payroll Information System,

            f.            Memo from President Peters regarding Award Certificates signed by the                                       president or provost,

            g.            Email regarding an Excel Show and Tell Workshop offered by the Secretarial                                Advisory Council on Wednesday, July 23, 2003,

            h.            Memo from Steve Cunningham regarding Graduate Assistantship Processing                                Transactions,

            i.            Memo from Steve Cunningham regarding FY04 Increment Guidelines, and

            j.            Email from the President’s secretary, Jo Abbott, asking for nominations for                         membership on the presidential commissions.   The Council nominated Marcia                         Dick for the Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities, Glenda Jones                            for the Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities and the Presidential                              Commission on the Status of Women.  Judy Burgess, Chuck Schumann, and                                     Donna Smith will continue with their three-year appointment on the Presidential                              Commission on Sexual Orientation. Clayton will forward the information to Jo                                 Abbott.


2.            Donna Smith passed around a copy of the ISU Open Line Newsletter.


3.            Jodi Tyrrell reported that Steve Cunningham had distributed the FY04 Increment             Guidelines to the campus community that Clayton had already shown the Council and             that salary increments had been processed.  Cunningham reported the Governor is             supposed to sign a SURS administrative bill that will make military service credit             purchases less costly by a factor of 50% by picking up the state-match.  Kim Hensley             reported that Human Resource Services is working on their next newsletter that should             be coming out soon.  The PeopleSoft System upgrade on June 16, 2003, went very well.                            

            4.            Rachel Turner has done a redesign of the Council website.  Before she actually puts it on                     the web, she wanted the Council members to look at the design and give feedback and                             comments.


            5.            Marcia Dick passed a copy of a mailing from Illinois State University indicating they are                                eliminating 23 non-teaching positions.  Union employees at ISU are holding 34 of 45 jobs                              that are being cut.  Dick also passed the May 2003 copy of the Offset/Windfall newsletter                                 around for the Council to see. 


            6.            Jay Monteiro volunteered to electronically send each Council member a daily copy of the                                Issues Review:  NIU Daily News Summary.



VII.       Old Business


            A.            Grievance Procedure Committee


                        The sub-committee will be meeting next week to discuss the procedure and see if they                                 have any comments, changes, and/or questions.  They will report to the Council next                              month.



VIII.            Committee Reports


            A.            Personnel/Staff Developments/Benefits.   No Report.


            B.            Elections and Appointments


Michele Crase took nominations for the Ex-Officio member and alternates for the University Council.  Joe Koch was nominated as the Ex-Officio member, and Donna Smith and Linda Jennings were nominated as alternates.  All three were selected by vocal affirmation.  Donna Smith read from the OSC constitution the following statement:  The President of the OSC, or the President’s designated alternate, shall be the OSC’s voting member, for the term of office of the OSC President.  Crase also asked that Council members sign up for service on the committee of their choice and passed around a sign-up sheet.    


            C.            Public Relations


Joe Koch reported that the committee did not meet because of the July 4th holiday.  They will continue their work on the Operating Staff Council handbook for new Council members.  


            D.            Visiting Committees.  No report.


            E.            EAC.  No report.


            F.            UAC.  No report.


            G.            University Council.   No report. 


            H.            Special Events Committee.


LaRonda Thuestad passed around a work schedule sign-up sheet for StaffFest 03.  Koch will have applications for the Operating Staff Dependent Award at StaffFest 03.  The preliminary food count is around 1200.  The Council will meet at the Convocation Center at 8AM and will decorate before the event starts.  The floor plan, the food, and the decorations have been finalized.  Dena Olson will be sending out the tickets.  Elizabeth Buck and Thuestad shopped for prizes at Wal-Mart and the NIU Bookstore.  Tyrrell got a Heart Assessment prize from Kishwaukee Hospital.  Thuestad’s sub-committee will be drawing names for prizes on the 30th, so she needs all prizes by July 29th.  Employees can catch the shuttle at the bus turnaround every half hour, or they can drive and park.   



IX.        New Business


A.            No new business. 



X.            Adjournment


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 a.m.   Motion seconded and passed.  




Respectfully submitted,




Gay Campbell

OSC Secretary