MINUTES 3/13/03
8:30AM – HSC 406

Present:   Elizabeth Buck, Gay Campbell, Sara Clayton, Michele Crase, Marcia Dick, Ada Hetland, Linda Jennings, Glenda Jones, Theresa Kinniry, Joe Koch, Jay Monteiro, Dena Olson, Andy Small, and LaRonda Thuestad.

Excused:   Judy Burgess and Donna Smith

Guests:    Tim Griffin and Jodi Tyrrell

I.    Call to Order

       The meeting was called to order by President Sara Clayton 8:35 a.m.

II.    Approval of Agenda

        A motion was made to approve the agenda as presented.  The motion was seconded and passed.

III.   Approval of Minutes of February 13, 2003, Meeting
        A motion was made to accept the minutes as presented.  The motion was seconded and passed.

IV.    Treasurer’s Report

        Elizabeth Buck distributed copies of the Treasurer’s report for the eight-month period ending 2/28/03.  After Buck led a general discussion of the report,
        Andy Small presented the Past President’s Plaque to the Council and gave the bill for the plaque to Buck.  Small will get approval from HSC to have the
        plaque mounted outside the Sky Room.  A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion was seconded and passed.
V.    Announcements/Correspondence

        1.    Clayton and Small talked with Steve Cunningham, Associate Vice President Administration and Human Resources, and he informed them that the HR
                newsletter, Spring 2003 edition, would be distributed during the first part of March.

        2.     Clayton passed a copy of the minutes from the March 11, 2003, meeting of the Legislation,  Audit and External Affairs Committee of the Board of
                Trustees to the Council for their perusal.

        3.     Clayton announced that she and Bev Espe, President of the Supportive Professional Staff Council, would be working on a second voting member
                from both Councils for the University Council at the next meeting.

        4.     Clayton announced that two vans have been scheduled to go to the SURS orientation in May  2003.  The van[s] will leave the university at 6:45 a.m.
                and passengers can plan to be back to  DeKalb around 6:00 p.m.
        5.     Clayton distributed to each Council member a copy of the university’s P-20 initiatives from the University Steering Committee.

        6.     Jodi Tyrrell announced that the HRS newsletter has been printed and will be distributed to the campus community either today or tomorrow.

        7.     Tyrrell announced that the Student Employment office in Swen Parson has moved across the hall from the Bursar’s office on the second floor.  This
                office will also serve as a satellite HRS office for any forms one would need to pick up and for mail drops to HRS.

        8.     Small announced the Community Service Project the First Ward is sponsoring with Phi Sigma Kappa for a Greek Row cleanup.  He asked if anyone
                knew of groups that needed community service hours to contact Michele Bringas who coordinates student volunteer services through the University
                Programming & Activities office.  Clayton suggested that Small also contact Larry Bolles, Director of the university Judicial Office, because he might
                know of other students who would need the service hours.

        9.     Marcia Dick passed a copy of the latest newsletter from the Offset/Windfall group in Ohio to the Council for their perusal.

VII.   Committee Reports

        A.    Personnel/Staff Development/Benefits.  No Report.

        B.     Elections and Appointments

                Michele Crase announced that there are five seats on the Council that need to be filled for a new term.  So far, she has received applications from five
                candidates:  Andy Small, Gay Campbell, incumbents, and Charles Cochrane, Michael Crase, and Rachel X. Turner. The deadline for applications is
                tomorrow, March 14, 2003.

                Crase announced that the Operating Staff Outstanding Service Award Committee meets around the end of March and will make their selection from
                13 nominees this year.  A final selection should be made around the first of April.

                Crase also announced openings on the following committees:
                        University Council Steering Committee
                        University Benefits Committee
                        Campus Parking Committee
                        Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee
                        Parking Appeals Committee

        C.     Public Relations

                Koch announced that the Northern Staff News should be ready for distribution to the campus community the first part of next week since it is
                currently at Printing.  The committee discussed the Governor’s announcement on sick leave vacation payouts and Steve Cunningham’s explanation of
                the Governor’s statement.  They also discussed the possibility of creating an Operating Staff Council handbook for new members.

        D.     Visiting Committee/Guests

                Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee member Michele Crase reported that this committee is actually comprised of several
                university committees that combined into one and is designed to protect and enhance the quality of the campus environment.  The committee is
                chaired by Associate Vice President of Finance & Facilities, Operations, Robert Albanese, and has three subcommittees.

                1.     Exterior Environmental Subcommittee

                        This committee looks at the external environment of the campus such as benches, bike paths, traffic, and gardens.  They are involved in working
                        on a master plan for the development of a campus bike path.  They have also instituted a campus beautification gift program for donations that
                        includes bicycle loop and pad, all-weather bench and pad, landscaped memorial trees, and/or optional plaques and installation.

                2.     Security and Safety Subcommittee

                        This committee examines security issues around campus in order to update, install, and maintain.  Inside and outside call boxes around campus
                        are currently being examined and discussed.

                3.     Interior Environmental Subcommittee

                        This committee is examining the campus smoking policy again and is trying to determine designated areas for smoking.  Committees have no
                        money, so they cannot build shelters for smokers, but is doing what they can for the 10-15% campus population that smoke.  Residence halls
                        will be smoke-free beginning this fall.  The committee is also working on an open-flame policy for campus.  Open candles and incense can
                        present a fire hazard as well as a bad or bothersome smell for people enclosed inside the buildings.

        E.     EAC.   No Report.

        F.     UAC.  No report.

        G.     University Council.  No Report.

        H.     Special Events Committee

                LaRonda Thuestad announced that the flyer for Staff Fest Event 03 is ready to go.  A Chair is needed for the Prizes committee.

VIII.     Old Business

        A.     OSC Newsletter

                Jay Monteiro showed the rough draft to the Council and reiterated that the paper is at Printing.  It looks very good.  The Council felt we should plan
                on a newsletter every month.  Gigi Beaird plans to do a “Did You Know” section each month so Council members were urged to give her a call with
                their ideas or people that should be in the paper.  Small volunteered to do a monthly article entitled “Do You Remember”? for each publication.

        B.     IEA-NEA Union Status

                The Council spent several minutes discussing the possibility of a new Civil Service Union on   campus and what the union wanted to change for
                employees.  According to the IEA-NEA    Survey of Issues, the top three reasons for having union representation on campus were as   follows:

                1.     Establish a salary schedule by which all employees are guaranteed at least a cost of    living increase.
                2.     Equal rights and privileges for all employees.
                3.     Develop a system for upgrading compensation as job skills/descriptions change.

IX.     New Business

        A.     Grievance Committee.   No report.

                The Council then discussed the fact that they are co-chairing, along with the Supportive Professional Staff and the Faculty Senate, the Wellness Fair to
                be held on March 27, 2003.  Clayton will contact Council members for ideas.  A sign-up sheet was passed around the Council for those that could
                help work at the Fair.

X.     Adjournment

        A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 11:30 a.m. The motion was seconded and passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Gay Campbell
OSC Secretary