Using the Lending Library

The LGBT Resource Center is pleased to offer a wide selection of books on LGBT related topics.  Please remember that there was a time when books such as these were not widely available because they either would not have been printed in the first place or they would not have been openly circulated by libraries, especially to young people. 

The books in the LGBT Resource Center contain the stories of an entire community of people, stories that have been denied, covered up, and censored throughout most of history.  These books are still banned in some places today.  These books can be a lifeline for people who have never had the opportunity for access to information about people like themselves.  Many of our books were donated by individuals who wanted to offer hope and encouragement to others who have felt alone or unwanted.  Each book that is lost, damaged, or not returned deprives someone else of knowledge, inspiration, and affirmation.  Please, treat our books with care, and return them on time and in good condition.

To check out a book from our Lending Library, talk to a member of the Resource Center staff.

Books may be checked out by NIU students, faculty, and staff for a 4 week loan period.  Individuals not affiliated with NIU may check out materials only with permission from the Resource Center Director.

Borrowers are responsible for all materials which they check out and are expected to return materials to the LGBT Resource Center when due.  Books must be returned to a LGBT Resource Center staff member in person.  Do not leave returned books with anyone other than a Resource Center staff member as we cannot guarantee they will be properly returned.

Only two overdue notices will be sent before items are billed as lost.

Borrowers may be subject to overdue fines, processing fees, damaged book charges, and lost book charges for library materials which they check out.

We reserve the right to suspend borrowing privileges for abuses of circulation policies, including failure to return items or returning damaged items.

Borrowers who do not respond to overdue notices are subject to lost book charges.