Residence Hall Staff - Who's Who?

Community Advisors (CAs)

CAs have at least one year of NIU experience and live on each residence hall floor. They are the first point of contact for their residents, and receive training on campus and student life issues, including LGBT topics. If needed, they can help roommates resolve conflict. In Northern View Community, the Community Development Assistants (CDAs) play a similar role as CAs and receive similar training.

Hall Directors (HDs)

Depending on your area, HDs can be graduate students who work 20 hours per week, or full-time staff members. They receive training on LGBT topics and other student needs and concerns as well as provide crisis management, roommate mediation, and provide a level of assistance beyond the CA. The Community Director (CD) in Northern View Community provides a similar role for their residents.

Complex Coordinators (CCs)

CCs are full-time staff with at least 2 years of full-time residence life and student affairs experience. CCs are responsible for the overall operations of their complexes. They also receive training on LGBT student concerns. CCs intervene when serious issues arise that affect the community or go beyond the expertise of the HD.