Things to Think About Before Choosing Your Room and Roommate

Do you have a specific person you want as a roommate?
Remember, just because you and a potential roommate are both LGBTQ, that doesn’t mean you are necessarily compatible roommates. Be sure to consider other similarities and differences in living preferences.  Also, if you are LGBT, consider your level of outness. You and a potential roommate may want do discuss this prior to moving in to make sure you are each comfortable with how out your roommate is or is not.  If you are an LGBT Ally choosing an LGBT roommate, are you comfortable being out as an Ally? Are you comfortable if other people assume you are LGBT?

If you have a specific roommate in mind, be sure you check with each other before one of you goes on-line to pick your room. If you both go on-line at different times it lessens the chance for you to end up in the same room. The surest way to be roommates is for one person to go on-line and “pull in” the other person as their roommate. To do that the person being pulled in needs to give the first person their Z ID and application number.  Make sure you choose a room option that both of you are eligible for.  Find specific information on the Housing and Dining website.

Check your budget before selecting a room and dining plan.
If you are planning to pay your full room and board with a Financial Aid award, remember that most aid packages are developed with the cost of a standard double room and gold dining plan package. Some Housing and Dining options will exceed that amount. Make sure you and your roommate have the financial resources for the options you select.

Be familiar with the room codes and floor types.
You only have 15 minutes from the time you begin the online room selection process to complete your room selection. If you are not finished confirming your room in 15 minutes the system times out and you will need to start from the beginning again. Housing and Dining offers a worksheet to help you prepare before you login to select your room.

Is another person going to log on to select your room for you?
That person will need specific information from you.  Check the Housing and Dining website so you know what they need.

Have alternative room and floor options in mind.
If you get a “no records found” message, it means that the type of room you are seeking is not available to you for room selection. This may be because the room descriptors you chose do not exist in our system, you are not eligible for that room/floor type, or there are no more spaces available in the room/floor type you chose. Some room and floor types are very limited.