Welcome to Transitions!

Transitions is a group for gender non-conforming community members to gather together in a safe space. The goal of Transitions is to have fun as a group and build new friendships.

We do a variety of things at meetings such as:

  • Closed meetings for gender non-conforming members.
  • Educational programs and workshops open to all.
  • Open meetings to connect community members from diverse gender and sexual identities with allies.

Some examples of activities we have done include: going out to dinner as a group, game and movie nights that provide the perfect opportunity for relaxing after a long day and a fun nights out at the Huskies Den for bowling, billiards and socializing. Look for even more exciting events this semester! This group is not intended to be a mental or emotional support group, and is not supervised or advised by any individual with psychological or medical training.

The primary focus of this group is to combine socializing and community building, as well as dispersing knowledge and promoting discussion. The support offered by this group is primarily in the form of having a safe space for gender non-conforming individuals to have fun and build community.

We meet every Tuesday night. For more information, including meeting location, please contact the LGBT Resource Center at