Immigration Advising

Before Hiring Nonimmigrant Faculty

Because every search process has the possibility of identifying a person in temporary visa status (a "nonimmigrant") as the successful candidate, it's very important to use the proper procedures which will help in reducing difficulties in applying for employment-based "Lawful Permanent Residency" (the "green card").

For every search for a tenure-track or tenured position, it is vital to advertise in the print edition (not the on-line edition) of the Chronicle of Higher Education or in any major national print media publication in the field of the offered position which is normally used to recruit for such a position. If you advertise in print in the Chronicle or a substitute publication and meet other conditions, later on your department may be able to use the faster and somewhat less expensive means of labor certification, which is the first step in applying for employment-base LPR. If you do not advertise in print in the Chronicle or another suitable publication, your department will need to advertise again for the position you have just filled, in order to complete the labor certification process appropriately in that case.

In order to prepare for a possible petition for employment-based Lawful Permanent Residency, please retain a copy of the print advertisement and tear sheet from the Chronicle or a substitute publication normally used to recruit in your field. Also, please retain copies of any additional advertisements. These copies should include the name of the publication and the dates of publication.

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