Available Services

Medical Services

General and acute illness and injury care services are available on an appointment basis. Common medical conditions assessed and treated include, but are not limited to, upper and lower respiratory infections, ear and eye infections, sinusitis, headaches, asthma, abdominal pain, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted infections, gastroenteritis, and dermatitis. Injury care includes the assessment and treatment of conditions such as cuts and sprains. Routine physicals are not provided.

The medical and nutritional needs for students with eating disorders are under the direction of the Health Services staff physician and the psychiatrist. Students in need of nutritional counseling will be referred. For more information on eating disorders, please see Counseling & Student Development Center.

Referrals to specialty physicians or the emergency room will be made as medically necessary. Health Services does not pay for medical care received elsewhere or for ambulance transport to another facility. Students are responsible for these costs.

missed appointment fee is assessed if you miss your appointment.

For appointments, please call Health Services at 815-753-1311.