Health Services honors lab requests written by physicians, advanced practice nurses, or by physician assistants. Additionally, Health Services Laboratory will honor some lab requests from Illinois physicians for a fee.

The goal of Health Services Laboratory is to aid the physician/clinician in the quick, accurate, and successful diagnosis and treatment of the patient, and to be a service to all Health Services areas where possible. To this end, the highest standards of quality are expected of the results that come out of the laboratory and from the personnel performing the work.

Health Services Laboratory performs approximately 40 different in-house test procedures, including hematology, urinalysis, feces analysis, immunology, microbiology, chlamydia analysis, and special chemistries.

The laboratory staff is headed by a board certified pathologist. The lab also employs a medical assistant for receptionist duties, a board certified phlebotomist for phlebotomy duties, and board certified medical technologists for analytical testing.

Health Services Laboratory is licensed by, and complies with, all state and federal laws regarding laboratory services.

For further information, please call 815-753-9758.