Video Resources

Taking An Inventory of Your Sleep Habits   Running Time: 04 min. 27 sec.
"Poor sleep is a fact of life for lots of tired Americans. What most never realize is that they may be contributing to their own restless nights. What you do before getting in bed and even the room you sleep in may be contributing to the problem. Discover how to take inventory of your sleep habits and learn what methods experts suggest to achieve that good night's sleep."

Gaining Control Over Sleep Problems   Running Time: 05 min. 21 sec.
"Once people thought that help for poor sleep only meant sleeping pills that left you foggy. That's all changed. Now there is a range of options. Sleep hygiene aims to change poor bedtime habits and improvements in medications can not only provide natural sleep but also avoid next day side effects."

Paying the Price of a Poor Night's Sleep   Running Time: 05 min. 02 sec.
"When someone doesn't sleep, the price they pay can be immeasurable. Work and even relationships can suffer from prolonged nights of tossing and turning. Learn how changing what you do at bedtime can help turn sleepless nights into much needed rest."

Why Can't You Sleep? Understanding Sleep Problems   Running Time: 05 min. 45 sec.
"Getting a good night's sleep is critical to feeling refreshed during the day, but unfortunately not everyone is able to get the sleep they need. Different factors can contribute to lack of sleep-a noisy bedroom, stress or illness. When the problem persists help should be sought. Experts can suggest a wide range of treatment options including finding ways to change bedtime behaviors, and in some instances, medication."

The Impact of Pain on Sleep   Running Time: 04 min. 58 sec.
"Sleeping well can refresh your body and mind, but it's tough to do when you're in pain. Not only is the pain itself a problem, but sometimes pain medications can disturb sleep. Learn why pain worsens sleep problems and what you can do about it."

The Effects of Poor Sleep on Health   Running Time: 05 min. 21 sec.
"Sleep is necessary to feel refreshed, but now we know sleep actually impacts the way the body functions. Sleeping poorly can affect how often you get sick, your weight and, for children, how well they grow. Learn why sleep can mean more than just a good night's rest."

The Link Between Sleep and Depression   Running Time: 05 min. 09 sec.
"We all know that when we're low or anxious it's hard to sleep. But did you know that sleep problems may also induce depression? Listen to experts talk about the link between sleep and depression and what you can do about it."

Sleeping Well During the Holidays   Running Time: 05 min. 57 sec.
"Anyone preparing holiday festivities knows that all that hustle and bustle can put a damper on a good night's sleep. Join experts as they share some helpful seasonal tips."

When Worries Surface at Night: Sleep and Anxiety   Running Time: 05 min. 48 sec.
"Anxiety and worry can appear at any time; day or night. Sometimes you know why, sometimes it can appear out of the blue. Learn how these problems can impact a restful night."

What's Keeping You Up?   Running Time: 05 min. 25 sec.
"Sometimes we know what is standing in the way of a good night's sleep. But sometimes we don't. So what's keeping you up? The answer may surprise you."

Can Poor Sleep Affect your Weight?   Running Time: 04 min. 30 sec.
"Too tired to exercise? Craving carbs? You may want to sleep on it. Listen to what experts have to say about the link between sleep problems and your weight."

Why Can't You Sleep Like a Baby?   Running Time: 05 min. 53 sec.
"Why is it that babies can sleep 14 hours a day and adults struggle to manage eight? The answer lies in the structure of the sleep cycles. Learn how sleep changes as we age."