APA Internship

Intern & Internship Evaluation

At the beginning of the internship year, the interns, their primary supervisors, and the Training Director collaboratively establish training goals and priorities. Interns meet regularly with the Training Director to ensure that the needs of both the intern and CSDC are being met.

Formal evaluation occurs at six months and twelve months, while an informal evaluation occurs at three months. Training staff meet at these intervals to pool input regarding the overall performance of the interns in all aspects of their training. On the basis of information presented, the Training Director completes the Progress Review Form at the six and twelve month points. Interns and their individual supervisors (e.g., primary supervisors, group supervisors, and specialization supervisors) also complete the appropriate supervision evaluation forms at the six and twelve month points. The Training Director completes summary evaluation letters that are sent to each intern's academic program at six months and twelve months.

At the informal three-month evaluation, interns meet with the Training Director to discuss the transition to internship and current progress &/or concerns. No evaluation forms are completed at this time.

In addition, interns evaluate the orientation training and weekly training seminars. Interns provide a comprehensive evaluation of the CSDC internship at the end of the year. These evaluations are used by the Training Director and CSDC staff to improve the training program in general and to adjust the program to the specific needs of each intern group.