Group Counseling Services

Ground rules for participation in group counseling

If group is to be effective, your commitment to the following is essential:

  • If you must miss a session, please let one of the leaders know ahead of time.
  • The group meeting times have been set by the group leaders, and you are asked to adhere to those times.
  • Having a feeling and acting on it are two different actions. Acting out your feelings is not acceptable whether you act them out upon yourself or another member of the group. The way we most respect ourselves and others is by experiencing feelings and then allowing ourselves to talk about them.
  • It is your responsibility to talk about your reasons for being in the group.
  • The group sessions are confidential. You, other members, and the group leaders are bound ethically and legally not to disclose the contents of the group sessions.
  • If you decide that you have gained as much as possible from the group or that it isn't the most appropriate treatment method for you, we ask that you come to the group and say good-bye.
  • The work of the group needs to be done in the group during group time. Therefore, we ask that you not socialize with other members of your group during the time when you are a member of that group.

This text was developed by Jack Corazzini, Virginia Commonwealth University; slight modifications have been made to accommodate NIU groups.