Consultation Services

How to make a referral

Once you have decided to refer a student to CSDC, you can proceed in any of the following ways:

  • Suggest that the student call or attend a walk-in appointment so that they can be seen by a counselor as soon as possible (Level 1 severity).
  • Suggest that the student use your telephone to arrange for a walk-in appointment while the student is still in your office. When the call is made from your office, you know that at least the initial contact has been made. By making the call him/herself, however, the student is exercising personal responsibility and is more likely to follow through to get help. In addition, your willingness to let him/her handle this part of the process is a vote of confidence and affirms his/her positive coping capacities (Level 1 or 2 severity).
  • Call CSDC yourself, while the student is still in your office, and arrange a walk-in appointment for the student. If you feel this is an emergency situation, please indicate this when you contact us.
  • Indicate your willingness to the student to provide CSDC with information about the nature of the problem and the reason for your referral (Level 2 or 3 severity).
  • In an immediate emergency (i.e., Level 3 Severity), you may decide to accompany the student to CSDC in person. This can be a significant source of support to a student in crisis. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to accompany the student into the session. In an emergency, the student will be seen immediately (Monday through Friday). If possible, a call that you are bringing a student would be appreciated.

Additionally, do not hesitate to contact the NIU Police & Public Safety department at 815-753-1212 for emergency assistance. If a Level 3 emergency occurs after hours or on a weekend, call the NIU Police & Public Safety department so that they can contact the on-call counselor from the CSDC. The on-call counselor will then contact you directly.