Past Third Thursday Presentations


LGBT Short Films
Randy Casperson, Communication

"I Will Freely Circulate in the Intermediate Space": Claude Cahun's Challenge to Museums
Amy K. Levin, English

"Anarchy and Are You Gay?: Is Homosexuality Genetic in Punk?"
Scott Stalcup, NIU student

"Inhuman Human: Purity Pledges, Social Control, and the Queering of Heterosexuality"
Jimmie Manning, Communication

"Campus Pride: a personal story: Becoming a Student Leader and Activist at NIU"
Romeo Jackson, NIU student

"Part of the team? The experiences of LGBT college student-athletes"
Eric Archer, Counseling, Adult & Higher Education


"Steps to a More Trans Inclusive Campus"
Bethany Hill, NIU Student

"Teaching Trans Topics in the Classroom"
Beth Schewe, Instructor, Department of English & Women's Studies Program

Join us for a discussion of Leslie Feinberg's Drag King Dreams
Book Club Discussion

Join us for a discussion of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic (Graphic Novel)
Book Club Discussion

"Through the Looking Glass: Researching LGBT Organizations"
Rob Ridinger, University Libraries


Flederfictions: Personal Papers in GLBT Research
Rob Ridinger, University Libraries

Legal and Statistical Consciousness Among Gay and Lesbian Couples
Carol Walther, Department of Sociology

Lesbian and Gay Art & Artists
Debbie Smith-Shank, Division of Art Education

Social spaces, hierarchies, and regulations in LGBTQ young adult fiction
Corrine Wickens, Department of Literacy Education


Transforming the Straight Curriculum
Multicultural Curriculum Transformation Institute participants Sally Conklin, Christine
Malecki, Robin Moremen, Diana Swanson

Getting Clipped': Denial and Masculinity Politics in the 2002 US Senate Race in Montana
John Butler, Alumnus, Department of Communication

Researching Alt-Sex Culture and History: The Leather Archives & Museum
Rick Storer, Executive Director of the Leather Archives & Museum

It's Reigning Men: Same-Sex Desire in the Renaissance Theater
Dee Anna Phares, Instructor, Department of English

Sex-Change Surgery: Is It Worth It?”
Professor Sharon Sytsma, Department of Philosophy

Unmasking the Family Discount? When Gay Employees Give Gay Customers Unauthorized Discounts
Professor Mark Rosenbaum, Department of Marketing


A Brief Introduction to External Funding for LGBT Studies
David Stone and Kellie Dyslin, Office of Sponsored Projects

Am I Welcome Here? Exploring How LGBT Consumers Assess their Place Identity
Professor Mark Rosenbaum, Department of Marketing

He Was Martha Before She Was: Beverley Nichols' Marketing of Gay Sensibility in the 1930s
Josh Adair, Doctoral Student, Department of English

Charity and Sylvia: Researching Love between Women in the Early American Republic
Professor Rachel Hope Cleves, Department of History

Sex Lives in Second Life
Professor Rob Brookey (co-authored with Kristopher Cannon, Master’s Student), Department of Communication


Body Image and Unsafe Sex
Professor Andrew Reilly, Department of Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences

Hee-Haw Hallelujah! The Straight Story On the Same-Sex Marriage Issue in Appalachia's 2004 Presidential Vote.
Casey LaFrance and Brian Frederick, Graduate Students, Department of Political Science

Little Queer Riding Hood: Gay Youth in French Cinema
Jeffrey Oman, Master’s Student, Department of Communication

Queer Art
Professor Debbie Smith-Shank, School of Art

Ethics, Religion, and Sexuality: Musing on Becoming an Ally
Professor Sally Conklin, School of Allied Health Professions

Queer Comedy: If We Don’t Laugh At Ourselves, Who Will?
Carolyn Law, Graduate School


Communicating Homophobic Attitudes: Hetero-Identity Concern and Homophobia in Fraternities
Professor Betty LaFrance, Department of Communication

Intersexuality: What It Is and Why We Should Care
Professor Sharon Sytsma, Department of Philosophy

Forward Into the Past: The Necessity of Radical Feminism Today
Billy Clem, Ph.D. Student, Department of English

Making Family: Storytelling Among Lesbigay Parents and Their Children
Visiting Professor Colette Morrow, Purdue University

Choosing to Include Gay Issues in Teacher Preparation Coursework: One Professor’s Journey
Professor Randi Wolfe, Department of Teaching and Learning

‘Officer Friendly’ and ‘Tough Cops’: Gay and Lesbian Police Officers
Professor Kay Forest, Department of Sociology


Speaking for Our Lives.
Professor Robert Ridinger, University Libraries

Hiding Homoeroticism in Plain View: The Fight Club DVD as Digital Closet
Professor Robert Brookey, Department of Communication

Collecting Community: The Gender Studies Special Collection
Lynne Thomas, Rare Books & Special Collections, University Libraries

Little Women? Jo March as Transgender Hero
Mary Shelden, Alumna, Department of English

A matter of moral values: Religion, Authoritarianism, and Homophobia
Wayne Wilkinson, Ph.D. Student, Department of Psychology