Past Graduate Colloquium Speakers


Toni McNaron, Professor Emerita of English, University of Minnesota and Author
Lecture: Metaphors from the Closet, Plain Speech from the Outside: Gains and Losses in Contemporary Lesbian and Gay Writing
Seminar: Poisoned Ivy? Lingering Homophobia Within Academe

Ed Check, Associate Professor of Art Education, Texas Tech University
Lecture: From White Working Class Limbo to Academic Limbo: My Queer Realities in Art and Teaching
Seminar: LGBT Issues and Art


Mark Bowman, LGBT-RAN Project Coordinator
LGBT Religious Archives Network

Dylan Scholinski, Artist and Author
Lecture: Mental (ST)ealth, Part 1
Seminar: Mental (ST)ealth, Part 2

Richard Meyer,Professor. History of Art, UC Berkeley
Lecture: Art, Sex, and Censorhip from Paul Cadmus to the Patriot Act
Seminar: Outlaw Representation: The Morning After