Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved with the Student Government Association?

The best way to start off is to become a senator. Senators run for office during spring elections, along with the executive branch executive positions. Outside of elections, if there are senate vacancies, students can apply to be a senator at large. The application can be found on Huskie Link.
There is also another form on Huskie Link for signatures of students in support of the individual applying to be a senator at large. 

SGA cabinet positions are filled in the spring immediately after elections (director applications will be found on Huskie Link.) At times there will be vacancies and SGA will post on social media and Huskie Link to notify the student body of the open positions.

Senator positions are unpaid, volunteer. Supreme Court justices are appointed by the SGA president and are unpaid. Executive branch and executive cabinet positions are all paid. Speaker of the senate, deputy speaker, senate clerk and the executive assistant to the speaker are paid positions within the legislative branch.

How do I start an organization?

Anyone can try to start an organization at NIU. The guidelines and steps are found on Huskie Link.

Organizations are required to have a minimum of president, treasurer, constitution/bylaws and faculty/staff advisor (permanent, full-time employees-not extra help or GAs/TAs).

The organization registration will go to the vice president of the SGA for approval in order to gain temporary recognition. The organization will then be given a date to go before the senate to gain full SGA recognition.

My organization needs financial assistance. Can the SGA help?

Organizations can submit a budget proposal for funding in the fall once they have been SGA recognized for one full year.

Outside of SGA annual funding of organizations, orgs can apply to the SGA president for an executive allocation. This form can be found on Huskie Link.

Organizations can also request funding from the legislative branch. Supplemental funding forms can be found on Huskie Link.

Can I sit in the SGA area?

The long study table (with high chairs) is public space. The tables and pod spaces are for SGA staff to use during their work hours from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. We allow this to be public seating unless the SGA staff is all in at the same time and in need of the working space (rare). The offices are off-limits to the public at all times. The Agee Conference Room is also off-limits during office hours. The conference room is available for reservation by recognized organizations outside of office hours. Contact Peggy Hayes to reserve this space at