Recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence 


  • Dara C. Little, Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Charles Eric Hoffman, Networked Writing and Research, Department of English
  • Merlynette V. Griffin, School of Nursing
  • Stephanie Richter, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning 


  • Jeremy Benson, STEM OUtreach
  • Karinne Bredberg, Commercialization and Innovation, Office of Innovation
  • Brooke Ruxton, Counseling and Consultation Services
  • Mary Strub, Center for Governmental Studies

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  • Denise Burchard, Public Administration
  • Gillian King-Cargile, Outreach P-20
  • Abbey Wolfman, Orientation and Family Connections
  • Carrie Zack, Educator Licensure and Preparation

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  • Karen Baker, Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance
  • Jo Burke, Art Museum
  • Laura Lundelius, Campus Services
  • Mark Pietrowski, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming

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  • Gregory P. Barker, Testing Services and Academic Affairs Research Support
  • Melissa Burlingame, Center for Governmental Studies (formerly in Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability and Energy)
  • William C. McCoy, BELIEF Program, College of Business
  • Mark McGowan, Institutional Communications

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  • Patricia "Pat" Anderson, Alumni Relations
  • Benjamin "Ben" Bingle, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Center for Non-governmental Organization Leadership and Development (NGOLD)
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Hull, College of Education Dean's Office
  • Jennifer Kirker Priest, Anthropology Museum

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  • Steve Estes, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Dana Gautcher, Office of Student Academic Success
  • Kathryn Maley, History and Social Sciences Secondary Teacher Education Program, History Department
  • Jeanne Meyer, Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct

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  • Terry Borg, External Programs, College of Education
  • Rebekah Kohli, Women's Studies
  • Donna Schoenfeld, Health Enhancement
  • Rachel Xidis, Web Communications

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  • Todd Latham, Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
  • Michelle Pickett, Academic Advising Center
  • Deborah Pierce, International Programs
  • Jason Rhode, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

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  • Kate Braser, Honors Program
  • Abby Chemers, Division of Finances and Facilities
  • Dan Nichols, School of Music
  • Patricia Sievert, Center for P-20 Engagement


  • Bobbie Cesarek, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Jes Cisneros, Honors Program
  • Patrick Gorman, Media Services
  • Michael Stang, Housing and Dining


  • Nancy Apperson, Employee Assistance Program
  • Barbara A. Fouts, Career Services
  • Lina Davide Ong, International Training Office
  • Connie Uhlken, School of Nursing and Health Studies


  • Margaret M. "Margie" Cook, LGBT Resource Center
  • Daniel J. Ihm, Information Technology Services
  • Jennice O'Brien, Office of Public Affairs
  • Judy Santacaterina, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • Debra R. Hopkins, CPA Review
  • Julia S. Lamb, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
  • Steven E. Lux, Health Enhancement
  • Blanche McHugh, Housing and Dining


  • Sandi Carlisle, Housing and Dining Services
  • Glen Gildemeister, Regional History Center, University Libraries
  • Brad Hoey, Media Services
  • Derrick Smith, Center for Black Studies


  • Joanne Dempsey, Illinois Council on Economic Education
  • J. Daniel House, Institutional Research
  • Lori Marcellus, College of Business
  • Judy Skorek, Women's Resource Center


  • Shevaun Eaton, ACCESS
  • Len Lennergard, Media Services
  • Judith Pokorny, Department of English
  • Phillip Young, Department of Geography


  • Robert Burk, Office of Admissions
  • Michelle Emmett, Academic and Student Affairs
  • Jack King, Department of Sociology
  • Donna Prain, Department of Biological Sciences


  • Richard Becker, Biological Sciences
  • Eric Behr, Mathematical Sciences
  • Margaret Bridge, University Office of Teacher Education
  • Don Larson, Records and Registration


  • Ellen E. Anderson, Career Planning and Placement Center
  • Patricia Hanzely, Office of Sponsored Projects
  • Jamie Rothstein, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Carol Scheidenhelm, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center


  • Lori Bross, Department of Psychology
  • Deborah Haliczer, Human Resource Services
  • Mary Obrzut, College of Law
  • Daniel Olson, Department of Biological Sciences


  • Beverly (Beetham) Espe, University Health Service
  • John Lewis, Center for Governmental Studies
  • Denise Rode, Orientation and Campus Information
  • Susan Timm, University Resources for Latinos


  • Tsui-Yee Dorothy Chow, CHANCE
  • Kathleen Patchett Lutz, Admissions
  • Steven Pace, Budget and Planning
  • Robert Snow, College of Law


  • Tim Griffin, Office of the Ombudsman
  • Nicholas Noe, Office of the Provost
  • Lucy Robinson, Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences
  • Carol Zar, Center for Governmental Studies


  • Robert Albanese, Physical Plant
  • Judd Baker, Holmes Student Center
  • Deborah Brue, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • George Gutierrez, University Resources for Latinos


  • Leroy Mitchell, CHANCE
  • Ellen Franklin, Freshman English Program
  • Ron Marks, Admissions
  • Alan Farber, Counseling and Student Development Center


  • Zainal "Z" Ahmad, University Programming and Activities
  • Michael Haines, Health Enhancement Services
  • Mitchell Kielb, University Bookstore
  • Robert Vest, Environmental Health and Safety


  • Steven Duchrow, University Programming and Activities
  • Sharon Howard, University Resources for Women
  • Norden Gilbert, General Counsel
  • Grant Olson, Center for Southeast Asian Studies


  • Joan Greening, Career Planning and Placement
  • Sandra Kuchynka, College of Professional Studies
  • Linda Schwarz, Sponsored Projects
  • Robert Woggon, Public Information