Web Support

Cascade 8 is here!

With the upgrade to Cascade 8, users will notice a difference in the look and layout of the CMS interface. Resources are available to help familiarize yourself with the new version of Cascade.

Let us help you!

We support sites on Cascade Server, NIU's web server and content management system. We realize many people may not have time or the necessary web skills to update their website regularly. That's why we provide this service for you -- free of charge.

Send your website update requests to us, and we'll make changes to your site.

Want to make your own site edits?

If you are a current Cascade user and plan to continue making your own site updates, please review the information about our web training program in order to maintain access.

Request new Cascade user access

Requests for site access to an existing website as well as requests for new websites in Cascade Server are managed by DoIT. Please use the Computer Access Resources (CAR) form on the DoIT Forms page to complete your request.

All new users must complete web training prior to gaining Cascade access.

We are rolling out a new training program in FY17. Beginning in FY18, only Cascade Server users who complete the level 1 training will be given or will retain access to Cascade Server.